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Looking for the perfect mmo

hackerolazhackerolaz asdsad, KYMember Posts: 5

Hello, I have been playing mmos for a lot of years and I am actually

looking for the mmo that fits my playstyle, I have played dozens of 

them but still cant find the perfect one for me. I left playing eve

because I prefer playing 3rd person mmo (controlling a character)

I would like to know that mmo do you recommend me (It doesnt have to be 

released yet). These are things that I like and love to have in the game. I wouldnt mind to also discover a MMORTS or MMOFPS if there is no MMORPG as I describe;

- Open world (no instanced areas )

Like WoW

Not like Neverwinter

- Open PvP that affects Gameplay, sandbox style

Like EVE Online,Warhammer 

- Big Playerbase

- Factions (or player-created factions)

Like Wow, Allods, EvE

- Dont mind if game is F2P or P2P

- Longevity (mmo should not be disappearing)

- Game Events (sieges, invasions or whatever)

- Possibility of playing "short games" when I dont have much time (like WoW Battlegrounds, Arenas, LoL Moba..)

I also love travelling, exploring new areas, enjoying a sunset, a rainy storm, beautiful and open landscapes, finding a house at the end of the world, I want to feel experiences out there

If helps, I like offline games like Fable, Legacy of Kain ..

MMOS that I've enjoyed most so far (but still not perfect)

1. WoW

2. Warhammer Online

3. Eve Online

4. Tera 

5. Allods


Maybe There is no a game like the one I am describing, but I am looking

for the closest MMO to this idea.

Sorry for my english.


  • DrannyDranny BarnsleyMember Posts: 279 Uncommon

    You can stop looking now as there is no perfect MMO.


    I can't think of any MMO that would suit your playstyle or your needs atm. I'm sure someone will be able to help you maybe.

  • BlackcatZeroBlackcatZero Ottumwa, IAMember Posts: 53 Uncommon

    Guild Wars 2

    EverQuest 1 & 2 and Soon EQNext

    The Secret World

    but like Dranny said there really isn't a perfect game you can only play what you like.

  • DrannyDranny BarnsleyMember Posts: 279 Uncommon
    Like Blackcat said try GW2 EQ2 or Rift.
  • hackerolazhackerolaz asdsad, KYMember Posts: 5
    Got bored of GW2 and runescape seems a bit dated. Is there anything that hasnt been released yet or kind of new?
  • MdpatsMdpats Peekskill, NYMember Posts: 176 Uncommon
    This made me 'lol'
  • GorweGorwe Ald'RuhnMember Posts: 3,163 Uncommon
    The perfect MMO you say? As in flawless?

    You're going to have to wait some more buddy!

    Nah jk. There isn't such a game out there currently. Maybe Eternal Crusade would interest you, but it's coming in late 2015/2016(I'd bet on 2016).

    Seeing how you're mostly focused on PvP-maybe Darkfall?
  • PhaserlightPhaserlight Boca Raton, FLMember Posts: 1,645 Rare
    Look deep inside; the answer is within you.

    "To be what you are not, experience what you are not." -Saint John of the Cross
    Authored 131 missions in Vendetta Online
    Check it out on Steam

  • RhazmuzRhazmuz Member Posts: 208 Uncommon
    ESO will hopefully fill quite a few of those checkboxes.
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