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For New players: Free perm Weapon Pack & 7 Day XP for Planetside 2

JordansRolexJordansRolex BrusselPosts: 5Member

Just came online this weekend:

a Free Weapom Pack with exta XP and camo's at giveway site GameCoach

The pack is meant for new players but is nice to start off with,  you can choose 1 duo pack between 3 different Sniper Rifles (Infiltrator class) and LMG's (Heavy Assault class) depending on the empire you choose when you start PS2.

Find the weapon types you can get per empire on the GameCoach site

How to get?:
1) register a new account at the gamecoach site (stay on their site)
2) download PS2 and within 24 hours you will get the pack in your Notifications to redeem and equip.




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