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MMO with unique/very rare items

snoop101snoop101 Calgary, ABPosts: 400Member Uncommon

Hello all

I have been playing MMO's since DAOC and loved how MMO's used to be... HARD!

I havent played MMO's in a while now because they just seemed to be the same old thing. Last MMO I played and really enjoyed was Eve. Now im looking for something more fantasy/non space. 

Is there any MMO's left/out there where you work for months and months just to find rare and unique items? Does not have to be sandbox either. Just an MMO that has something to work towards where you feel unique and feel like you really accomplished something.


Thanks in advance


  • jaiceafjaiceaf RamsteinPosts: 46Member
    Wakfu. Is the game you are looking for. Don't be fooled by the sprites, its deep. Think Final Fantasy Tactics meets a semi-korean grinder = VERY RARE Loot and continuous heart break of not getting the item you have been looking for. Money is difficult to earn money (kamas) and so things are expensive. It's free to play the starting area Astrub. To progress, you would need to sub for 6$ a month. 
  • kueykuey SydneyPosts: 39Member Uncommon
    If you get the chance I might recommend trying out the next FFXIV:ARR Beta phase.
  • BetaguyBetaguy Halifax, NSPosts: 2,606Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by kuey
    If you get the chance I might recommend trying out the next FFXIV:ARR Beta phase.

    Not even close to what he wants


  • AnemicaAnemica Alexandria, OHPosts: 2Member Uncommon

    I can support the note for Wakfu. I wouldn't say months and months to get the items you want, unless extraordinary old game, no mmo will take that long if it has a large unique/very rare amount of items. I would assume you know this too.

    For FFXIV:ARR, playing it so far, it's a great game, dont get me wrong, simple but extensive as it may be, I doubt it wouldn't take any longer than a week or two to get the best of items. I'm no FFXI player, tried but I'm no player but I know for certain, it's not the same, incase someone would like to compare the two in items.

    I can say Tera has a few unique items that would take a while. If you have a dedicated team, getting the best PvE will take a week for one of five players, all playing for quite a few hours each day. For best PvP, it will take you Least a month for just the weapon, only due to the limitations in how many points you can earn. You could say it would be a side thing to do but you're forced into 3v3 matches, luckily for some solo players, you can now match into que for 3v3 solo and it will que all solo players, so no premade 3v3's like before. 

    I'm slowly falling behind in games these days due to nothing entertains me but you always have some older, updated games coming around. If you consider Borderlands 2 ( recently played again, just on different system ), it Could take you abit of time on getting their best items. Though of course, in the end, a group is wanted, solo/randoms makes it abit difficult in getting the uniques or Seraph Guardian items. I can't really think of any other games at the moment. lol

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