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Is there anything out there similar to titan mode from 2142

McPickleMcPickle louisville, KYPosts: 39Member

For any not familiar with it::

I loved this game mode so much and never have I seen any other game have a multiplayer mode like this. I' don't understand why more game do not have set ups like this. Big flying ship in the sky with big ass turrets and helipads. Bases to take down. Missile stations to take to bust the shields of the ships and then can blow up the enemy base from the inside. Mechs!. Class progression.  If you had a good group that game was great.  


  • StimzStimz Claysville, PAPosts: 79Member Uncommon
    yeah, used to love that game mode... havnt played it so long, almost forgot about it... I myself havnt found anything like it though, hopefully battlefield 4 will have something similar since they are adding commanders back in.


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