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Browser MMO w/ good Character Custumization

CelerionCelerion Portland, ORPosts: 30Member

Any recommendations for fun browser MMOs with a good character customization system?    I have tried Wartune but just not a fan and while I am mainly looking to be able to customize my character and do PvP/PvE, I also enjoy games where I can explore the area/world and action games as well.   Any suggestions of good games?  Have a 10 month trip starting in August and won't have my laptop or smart phone with me.   So I will be kept to browser games.



Contact me on Twitter @IAMCelerion and chat.


  • KazuhiroKazuhiro Hampshire, AZPosts: 579Member Uncommon

    Browser games are designed to be overly simple games, so finding one with ANY system that had depth, let alone good customization is going to be incredibly hard.

    With that said, I don't play them much anymore due to the nickle and dimming. But you may want to do a google search for them and try a site that reviews them, this one doesn't.

    To find an intelligent person in a PUG is not that rare, but to find a PUG made up of "all" intelligent people is one of the rarest phenomenons in the known universe.

  • CelerionCelerion Portland, ORPosts: 30Member

    Thanks much.  May be limited to Facebook games while on my trip.  Character Customization still is minimal at best with them, but can play from anywhere with internet.   


    Any other suggestions are always welcome.  Thanks.

    Contact me on Twitter @IAMCelerion and chat.

  • TheocritusTheocritus Gary, INPosts: 5,002Member Rare
    Ever try a text based game? World of Dungeons has great character customization...Its made in the spirit of the old D&D pen and paper games.
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