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Foundry mission "The book of the dead "

dnladt1dnladt1 asdf, QCPosts: 9Member
hello I am the author of "the book of the dead"(NW-DH9ZOZ274) And i need your help. Please play my foundry mission and give me a honest review, also if you have a mission too, post it here and ill review it also


  • dnladt1dnladt1 asdf, QCPosts: 9Member

    bump for visibility, and because I deserve it :)


    god ! am not a """" bot !!!

  • EpicentEpicent Pierre Part, LAPosts: 648Member Uncommon
    You may do better starting a post that is titled Foundry mission list or something along those lines.
  • ThanosxpThanosxp floripaPosts: 177Member Uncommon

    I'll check it out tomorrow, going for a goood night of sleep now. Anyway,thanks in advance for taking your time and making a good story for us. The community needs ppl like you


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