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Vindictus: Season 2 Raids Detailed

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,963MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

The Vindictus site has been updated with new information about raids in Season 2. Rather than spell out the details in writing, the team has created a walkthrough video to help players visualize the new way that the raid system will play out.

  • Storyline: The battle against Iset approaches, and players must seize the opportunity to strike before her quest for power comes to fruition. Her personal guard Havan has also been resurrected and will oppose anyone who fails to bend to her will. There will be two new raids available for Twilight Desert. All players will be able to experience the new raid content from the mission board in Malina Docks.

  •  Iset: The Princess of the Desert - This is an eight-player raid that can be completed once per day. The raid progression for this battle is divided into a total of three unique phases designed to keep mercenaries of all levels on their toes.

  • Haven: The Guardian - This is an eight-man raid that can be completed once per day. Havan guards Princess Iset ferociously, and he’d rather die than let the player harm her. He has multiple destructible body parts, so players will have to devise a strong strategy for each stage of the battle or their glory will be short lived.

  • Charles Race - An expansion of an underground in Twilight Desert, Charles Race is a mini-game where the player weaves through various obstacles to race Charles the Excavator in reaching the goal. There’s a total of five rounds with the difficulty increasing after each round.

Read more on the Vindictus site.


  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid GinnungagapPosts: 8,383Member Rare
    i wish the next season adds persistent open world. Thats the only reason i abandoned this game (same with C9 and GW1). I can only wish.... and dream...

  • nhatnhat york, PAPosts: 154Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by rojo6934
    i wish the next season adds persistent open world. Thats the only reason i abandoned this game (same with C9 and GW1). I can only wish.... and dream...

    Different strokes for different folks. I rather keep it instant. Jump right into the battles without having to ride or run to your next destination.

  • AnirethAnireth Posts: 834Member Uncommon

    At least one thing they said in the video is true: The new raids will really push you to the limit. While their att and def are more or less the same as Lakiora or Kraken (actually less def on both, especially Iset), they do incredible damage. Even with 10k def you will die within a few hits.

    Also, they are designed to annoy you. Iset is very small for a raid boss. It is hard at Keaghan when a few players are around, especially Karoks, but Iset is even smaller. And faster. She likes to teleport a lot more. Her attacks have no really obvious telegraphing. I'm sure you can learn when she does which attack, but at the beginning, it's really hard. You can't cross-cut most attacks, either. Or it's just because i mess up the timing because of the telegraphing issue..

    I also didn't notice she has three strages. Two are obvious, with the second being even harder then the first, but three?If they aren't talking about the small part between the two actual fights, which would be stupid, i don't know.

    Havan on the other hand is a tad bit easier, but far from being easy. When he summons those stones around him and blows you away..there is very little time to hide behind the stones. It's probably 1 or 2 seconds the moment the stones are in place, which is often the earliest you notice them in the heat of the battle. You can save teammates/get saved by them via the special safety hooks you can collect from chests, but still, you will do often. I am also not quite sure if you can survive if you get blown away. It does very high damage at least.

    His projectiles are orange/brown, similar to Havan himself, to the sky and ground and literaly everything else there except the players. They probably can not be reflected, or it's just because of the way they move. If i do not dodge, i get hit right away, if i dodge i somehow get hit after. How can that be if they should already have exploded by the time the invulnerabilty frame has ended?

    His AoE where he spawns an extending ring that damages you when it actually does damage before the animation hits, like a second before it does or so. Also, you may not see the actual ring when you are far away from Havan, but it still does damage, no matter how far it is.

    He may also do this despite getting twitched, meaning, his twitch animation plays, but the ring does spawn and does damage anyways.

    Most of his attacks can't be cross-cutted from what i figured so far. Might be an issue with the way he works, spamming his weird projectles etc. Oh, don't forget he does damage when walking around. Or turning around actually. Walking would be somehwat understable.

    Many partys want 18k+ for Iset and Havan here in EU, whereas Lakiora and Kraken usually are 16k+. You do not need that much, but you need a really good party.

    Havans rare drop is currently at about 10kk, Isets is near 20kk. Lakiora and Kraken fangs recently dropped towards 10kk respectively 14kk, with Elchulus tear being around 9-10kk, too. As far as i know, they do not drop anything good on 50-69, contrary to Lakiora and Kraken. Oh, i also didn't notice the destructible body parts of Havan. Maybe i didn't do him oftten enough it's near impossible for the average player.

    Charles rat-man race is..well, supposedly you can get rare drops from the chest, but the likelyhood..get an Evie (manashield, they don't get slowed down) or Vella (the dodge-jump movement gives you a speed burst when you need it, like, when not having the speed buff from the boxes) and you're fine, otherwise the traps might prevent you winning it. Even so, i don't think it's worth running through the whole desert - no, you can not redo it with simply living the race and going back, Charles won't be there.

    Overall you shouldn't get too excited over the new update, unless you like battles designed to annoy you. Not talking about challenges, but really about annoying. Like when in RTS developers choose to give the AI infinity resources. Or simply adding another 0 to damage, hp, armor etc. Iset and Havan feel like that for me. Not challenging in a positive way, but cheating, annyoing. You die in 2-3 hits, Iset is hard to hit, you will fail many skills like Tempest or Evie Spells, Havan is all the same color, very short time to react for his "ultimate"..they both favor ranged chars (again), skills that do damage before the animation hits..

    I'm sure most of my issues would be less if i had a party to train them daily, but without already having good level 80 equip or extraordinary level 70, it's not possible.

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