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Dragon's Prophet: First Open Beta Update to Hit Soon

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,011MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that a big Dragon's Prophet update is slated to hit live servers very soon. Not only will the update feature the new Wintertide zone, it will also feature new gear and dungeons as well. The team is also preparing for the second Supermetal video that is going to rock the world next week.

For those adventuring through the Open Beta recently, you may have experienced The Accursed Tower dungeon. As old as the Chago Kingdom itself, legend holds that the first expedition of researchers from the Eye of Logath all died here under horrible and mysterious circumstances. Adding even more to the tower's mystery, it is also rumored as the former home of Warthorne the Ancient Shadow, the Great Dragon of prophecy and hallucination. The elite of the Eye of Logath are convinced that there is something more and are sworn to solve the tower's mysteries. Yet, any who have attempted to reveal the tower's mystery have become forlorn and plagued with insanity. New screenshot assets for Wintertide and The Accursed Tower are available below!

Read more on the Dragon's Prophet site.



  • TokkenTokken Portland, ORPosts: 1,429Member Uncommon
    Good, it's about TIME! I'm looking forward to BUG fixes mostly
    Warriors are like steel, when you lose your temper you lose your worth.
  • evilastroevilastro EdinburghPosts: 4,270Member
    This game could become a real gem with some polish.
  • TorvalTorval Posts: 11,940Member Legendary
    Agreed, if they keep working on this the game could end up pretty good.
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  • urriel1970urriel1970 torrance, CAPosts: 46Member Uncommon

    needs alot of polish..and more dragon slots both in the lair on on toon..redesign of action bar..lag issues...fps issues....crafting and so forth


  • vampywiz17vampywiz17 asdadsasdasdasdPosts: 7Member Uncommon
    Yes, right. Need a lot of polish, but i see the good way! The game step to the open beta only just a month, but the big patch-s come to week by week.  Lot of bug fixes and new content (the patch notes-es are very long, every time :) )

    So the game are evolved pretty fast and very closely follow the TW version (the patch difference only 1-2 week)
  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid GinnungagapPosts: 8,399Member Rare
    Originally posted by evilastro
    This game could become a real gem with some polish.

    lots of it. But i agree it could become a gem

  • MontaronxMontaronx SchiedamPosts: 268Member Uncommon
    Loving the game. But the american servers are already ghost towns sadly enuff


  • craftseekercraftseeker kynetonPosts: 1,414Member Rare
    Originally posted by rojo6934
    Originally posted by evilastro
    This game could become a real gem with some polish.

    lots of it. But i agree it could become a gem

    Yes a cubic zirconia.  Pity people really want a diamond.

  • EtherignisEtherignis philadelphia, PAPosts: 249Member Uncommon
    I was into this game but lost interest thanks too ffxiv 2.0, ffxiv about too be a threat too some mmos.
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