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For the people who think 4K resolution is a good thing for gaming, etc...

HrimnirHrimnir Posts: 2,276Member Rare

I literally can't stop chuckling at this.

So, Metro 2033 at max settings, 3840x2160 resolution required 4, count it, 4 Titans in order to breach 60fps.

What is a very respectable single card, still a $280 card mind you, the 660ti, did 5.7 FPS.


Yeah, methinks 4k gaming wont be realistically happening for at least 5 more years.

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently."

- Friedrich Nietzsche


  • GroovyFlowerGroovyFlower RdamPosts: 1,245Member
    I could tell you that the moment they introduced the ultra tv screens with 4k resolution.
  • OG_ZorvanOG_Zorvan Posts: 718Member Uncommon
    It's like "retina screens". Do I see a difference between retina and plasma/led/lcd? Sure. Big enough difference to be worth the expense? Nope.

  • ScalplessScalpless SnowballvillePosts: 1,426Member Uncommon
    It would be a good thing for gaming if it worked. That being said, I haven't seen anyone actually claim they'll start playing in 4K anytime soon.
  • GroovyFlowerGroovyFlower RdamPosts: 1,245Member

    My Tianhe-2 supercomputer is the fastest in the world at 33.86 petaflops. Can run 4k easly:P

  • SignexSignex NetherlandsPosts: 113Member Uncommon

    I think 1440p is good enough for gaming for now.


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