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POLL: Which race is best overall at both pvp and pve? and one additional question

WavieDavieWavieDavie DundeePosts: 5Member

Hi all,

Looking for some advice here, trying to work out what route to dedicate myself too before I branch into other ship classes.


I know caldari are awesome at missions and are considered by most the best at pve but they are not necessarily the best at pvp.

I am wonder what most people consider to best race of ships to be between both pve and pvp.



And to ask a seperate question from the rest of the post > which race of ships has best tanks in pvp? Just mainly wondering which of them has the best survivability in pvp in the majority of situations.

Amarr has best armor right?

Caldari have best shields?

Gallente have less on resistance on their armor compared to amarr and lower armor rating I believe.

Minmatar are fastest in most situations so can often dictate range but do not have the tanking of other races right?


  • RobokappRobokapp Dublin, OHPosts: 5,802Member Uncommon

    your questions are too the point where they make no sense.


    at AHAC level Amarr is indeed dominant in armor, but at battleship level, gallente battleships provide better answers to what the enemy is likely to field. 


    what ship is 'best' depends on what the enemy is flying, sir. that's why we can't truly answer your question. Eve pvp is too dynamic to be measured in such simple terms. 


  • Dr_ShivinskiDr_Shivinski Seattle, WAPosts: 287Member Uncommon
    Robokapp is dead on here, but what he failed to mention is that with the recent rebalancing of ships called "Tiericide" it's making those distinctions of "best in class" even blurrier so the once top races of each classification of ship have real competition now.


  • AsariashaAsariasha Somewhere inPosts: 236Member Uncommon

    The time when certain races were FOTM due to bugs are long gone. Each race presents the player with interesting ships suitable for PvP and PvE. I think it is more important to check out your skills:


    Caldari - focus on shields, missiles, long range hybrid weapons and ECM electronic warfare

    Once considered one of the best PvE races. In the past you did not have to train all needed skills to high levels in order to fly a level 4 capable Raven. Another plus. Before the missile change you could simply use torpedoes for every mission. They hit and hit and hit. Due to missile weapons being interceptable and having a long traveling time until impact, Caldari missile boats were considered a bad choice in PvP. Today Caldari offer a nice choice of both, PvP and PvE ships. PvP ships are more into electronic warfare and even after the ECM changes some years ago, they can drastically alter the outcome of a battle in the hands of a skilled player.

    As mentioned previously, it all depends on your skills and your creativity. I have seen Rokh (Rokh is a Batleship with a bonus to large hybrid weapons optimal range) fleets with superior passive armor (resistances) surprising and destroying fleets by going into close range fights with Hybrid Blasters.


    Minmatar - shield or armor tank (dependant on ship), projectile weapons and missiles, Target Painters EW

    Minmatar was once the only true PvP race. For each shiptype Minmatar had a great ship for PvPing. Hard alpha hitting Tempest fleets or be it the infamous Vagabond. Minmatar ships are fast, agile and can dish out a lot of DPS .... IF piloted by a skilled player. And you won't believe how many bad fitted highly expensive ships I have seen in my EvE career.

    Today Minmatar is a bit more in line and also offers one of the best high end PvE ships, the Vargur (Marauder; don't fly it until you trained all related skills to at least 4). One of Minmatars most interesting aspects is the possibility to field TECH1 ships and to make tech2 flying noobs cry - best low cost practice: Passive plated Autocannon Rifter


    Amarr - are gay and like lasers

    To be honest. I never understood people wanting to pilot an Amarr vessel. However, my prejudices aboard, Amarr offers quite a bunch of interesting ships to pilot. Magnificant Armor tanking capabilities meet the big pro of not having to store tons of ammunition for your weapons: "It's a lens!" When facing Tech 2 Amarr ships you should decide carefully, if the needed time to eat through the armor suffices to gank that guy. Backup is always around.

    Today I have no idea when it comes to how to best fly Amarr ships. I can fly them all, but I never wanted to. Besides, Apocs and Abaddons are commonly seen in large scale fleetbattles. Assault Ships and Recons are great solo ganker ships.


    Gallente - hybrid weapons, armor tank and sensor dampeners

    Once my fleet commander told me when piloting a Scorpion:"If you want to switch to hybrid guns, go for Gallente!". Many Gallente ships benefit of a damage bonus or tracking bonus to their hybrid weapons. Thats a lot better than optimal range of Caldari. In addition Gallente love to throw drones on their enemies. And now imagine a tiny tech2 frigate capable of fielding blasters and 5 small drones. Yes, thats an Ishkur - one of my favorites.

    Today, Gallente still fields some of the most finest ships in the EvE universe. Infamous ships like the Taranis, Deimos or the mighty Megathron are great ships when piloted by experienced players.




    Today every race supplies the player with a variety of PvE and PvP ships. Some of them will ask you to please make every possible mistake until really being able to pilot it experience wise. 



  • MalcanisMalcanis LondonPosts: 3,269Member Uncommon

    The "Caldari are only good for missions" meme died long ago. All it's good for know is as a diagnostic to see if the person talking to you knows anything about the game as it's played nowadays.

    For instance the Merlin is probably the best T1 PvP frigate, and Caracals are pretty popular for PvP as well. Nagas own the >50 man skirmish gang zone, and Rokhs are the go-to shield fleet BS.

    Caldari are weak in the medium ship line because medium rails are horrible. But Rooks and Falcons are still very useful indeed.

    Give me liberty or give me lasers

  • ElderRatElderRat Syracuse, NYPosts: 899Member Common
    Been awhile since I have played but I was of the opinion that skills and fits were more important that racial ships.

    Currently bored with MMO's.

  • MalcanisMalcanis LondonPosts: 3,269Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by ElderRat
    Been awhile since I have played but I was of the opinion that skills and fits were more important that racial ships.

    Those and a well-composed gang/fleet/blob (delete as applicable)

    Give me liberty or give me lasers

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