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Something fun to do in July on a certain MMO

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photo weatherstock_5th_annual_01_darkblue_600_zps1754bb89.jpg

This is the largest musical event ever produced in any MMO. It is party rp at its finest. 11 Bands battling it out for 300 gold prize monies and for bragging rights! 500 to 550 attendees grooving to original music and old favorites.  Free ale and pipeweed to give it even more immersion.

Lord Of The Rings Online / Landroval server invites any and all MMO players from around the world to attend this one of a kind extravaganza.

Weatherstock is in its 5th year now, and has become world famous with articles in PC Gamer Magazine, and even BBC news in 2011 if you can imagine that!  Many other lesser known blogs and game sites have commented on it also. this event is brought to you by the kinship (guild) The Lonely Mountain Band.

There will be 11 bands from 8 servers and from other nationalities  competing for your vote.

photo weatherstock_5th_annual_bands_600_zps5286e591.jpg

Its rather easy to attend if you should find this interesting. Of course download the free version of LOTRO, roll a toon on Landroval, finish the intro and head to either Breetown, or the Forsaken Inn at the west end of the Lone Lands.  Use /regional chat to ask for help or directions on that day. There will be escorting for all low level toons.

In the hour leading up to the main event there will be a large crowd at the Forsaken Inn gathering with impromtu bands playing and general excitement in chat. There will be a call to  head to the summit of Weathertop  where we will walk the trek to the event site.

Lag is part of the ritual of attendance. there will be a crowd of 150-200 making the trek. If your computer can handle the walk to Weathertop, you should be fine for the main event. Once there you should settle in and remove capes-hats-special effects and turn your graphics down as there will be hundreds more streaming in  for several minutes.

Devs use this event to test the server so lets make this a record setting event!

photo eae0b097-0984-42a8-93c7-35c4042e7b0f_zps847ceee5.jpg

If you have ever wondered what its like to be among over 500 other MMO players in one setting and having fun while there, give Weatherstock a try! We would love to have you! July 20th 1pm eastern time US. Be There!

(NOTE: keep chat civil and appropriate and in keeping with the G rated atmosphere please. There will be many  moderators watching us and they act swiftly if they have to.)








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