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I'm not quite understand the settings... (guilds and pvp-Cyrodiil)

MiklosanMiklosan turkuPosts: 176Member

I'm not so sure that I got everything right here so therefor I put the part I'm not so sure about in yellow text so please correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm okej with:

*A Beeing restricted to nords, darkelvs and argonian if playing for the ebonheart pact!


*B Beeing able to join the Ebonheart pact as an Orc so that friends who are interessted in different races can play together in the same guilds and fight together! But then players in the Daggerfall covenant are the enemies in Cyrodiil.

*C But joining another faction with an "alien race" but not beeing able to participate in battles in Cyrodiil with your "new" faction!?

Instead, the Orc player in the example above is a member of Ebonheart.P. but must join the Daggerfall Covenant when fighting in Cyrodiil. But....will not fight in the same "instance" as guildmates because....guildmates shouldn't kill eachother...  I must have missed something here right?

I would prefer *A but I'm totally okej with *B aswell! But will it be *C??


  • NanfoodleNanfoodle Posts: 7,049Member Epic

    3 Factions and each faction has it races and cant join the other factions. Done! Picking your race/faction also tells you what area of the map you will start on. In PvE you will only ever see the races from the faction you picked unless you PvP in Cyrodiil. To goto Cyrodill you need to join a campaign so its best to join one your guild is a member of. You can visit other campaigns but people who are a member of a campaign are advanced in the Q faster. So an Orc will never team with a Highelf but the Orc can see the highelf lands at level 50 but again you will only be playing with people from your faction, no mixing of PvP and PvE unless you do some PvE in Cyrodiil.

    Get it? Questions?

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