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Age of Wushu - The Rise of the Eastern

jesadjesad Posts: 879Member Uncommon

Normally I would reserve posts like this for blog entries.  I try not to support specific games in my blog though and so I will plop this here.  It is mainly to serve two purposes.  One, to relate an epiphany that I just had about this game, and two, to kill the last hour and a half of work before starting my weekend, where I will spend more time actually playing games and less time talking about them.

So Age of Wushu (Wulin), what can you say about this game?  It's new, it's innovative, it is both easy to play and hard to master.  It is apparently difficult to translate for some, while incredibly easy to translate for others.

But what exactly is this game all about?  What is the age of wushu?

The word "Wushu" literally translates into "Wu" = Military or Martial, and "Shu" = art *

The word "Wulin" as it is used in this context, is a Wuxia (a martial hero genre of writing) stands for a community of martial artists. *

Each of these terms have been taken from historic fact/fiction to describe a time in China's history when, much like the dark ages of Europe, and the wild wild west of the US, martial heroes roamed the earth and laws were made, and enforced, by those with the power to do so.

You know, you log into these games and you play them, but you never really think about some things some of the time.  The games that we are used to being so heavily saturated with fantasy realms and fiction, who (other than an actual Chinese person, or someone smart, which I am not) would have thought that places like Luoyang, Chengdu were actually real places?

In fact, the entire map of the Age of Wushu game is a map of China.  The religions in the game religions of China.  There is no Rallos Zek in the real world, but there is certainly Taoism, and Buddhism, and a host of other concepts that have been used in this game in both the current, and historic real world.

The Dynasty's are real, many of the religions are real, the lore, the clothing, the landscape, the construction, all real.  In fact, to call this game a fantasy role-playing game entirely actually does it a large amount of injustice.

What Age of Wushu really is, if you need to compare it to something using your western mind, is an "Eastern".

It is the equivalent of what we here in the states would make if we attempted to create an MMO based around the early days of our country (i.e. a Western).

So impressively true is this fact, that during the course of play, a player will actually LEARN things about Chinese culture and the Chinese experience.

So Chengdu was on the cover of the Wall Street Journal the other morning, and all of a sudden I'm like "What?"  Chengdu is real?  I knew that some of the other stuff in the game was real, but I honestly had just assumed that most of what I was seeing and reading was based on some crazy Chinese writers imagination.

No.  Sure, people don't fly, or even jump high enough to simulate flying, but then people don't out drive steam drills either, nor are they giants that travel around with big blue ox's, and yet all of those stories are a part of our history as much as the real ones, and that's what I think makes this game so neat.  It is a mixture of fantasy and reality that allows the player to actually become a legend within our own world.

That's one step closer to reality.  And I think that's pretty cool.

So the next time you refer to this game as an "Eastern" creation, don't think that you are doing it as a slur.  It really is an "Eastern" and done before we Muricans have managed to put a decent "Western" together at that.

And why is that do you think?  Why are we so stuck in the European dark ages and any fantasy, Tolkien offshoot thereof?

Feel free to discuss.

(Nice, only 45 minutes to go)






  • SavageHorizonSavageHorizon ParisPosts: 3,090Member Rare

    Age Of Wulin should not be mentioned alongside the us version Age Of Wushu, one is a mess and one has been a labor of love bringing it to us European fully translated and a job well done.

    Age Of Wushu and SnailGames USA could learn some lessons off gpotato.

    For once gpotato have actually done a fantastic job.

    [mod edit]

  • whilanwhilan Everett, WAPosts: 3,471Member Uncommon

    I think the one time I also noticed something like this and got a similar reaction was when I played VCO (voyage century online) and had to look up a world map (real one) in that time period to find where I was going.  I was like whoa these places i'm going to actually existed in those time periods and where exactly where they were located.

    VCO and bounty bay online are generally the same game under a different name.

    I guess I never figured really that this is the same way as i'm not from that part of the world, i picked the game up for different reasons then the Wuxia world. Nice fact to know though.

    Help me Bioware, you're my only hope.

    Is ToR going to be good? Dude it's Bioware making a freaking star wars game, all signs point to awesome. -G4tv MMo report.


  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,956Member Rare

    image I've thought about it, but I didn't take the thought as fair. It's an Eastern, I like it. 


    The first time I went to Jingling (after  a month of play the world is huge) I was stunned, speechless. The South Gate, wth, it had to be 100 feet high and stretched to the left and the right as far as I could see, and it was all playable, not just a picture. I ran to the top of it and marveled at the city within as I looked over. 


    The city within took me 10 minutes to walk across. So beautifully crafted, again all playable from the roof toops, to the bottom of the river that cuts the city in to north and south. Here is the picture I took. Here is the thread I made

    Now if that wasn't enough Cname posted the actual real life pictures of what I saw, and gave the history behind it.




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