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[MH]Tempest Gaming Community looking for friendly & mature members

LexlukerLexluker Lake Orion, MIPosts: 2Member

Hello, I am looking for some Marvel Heroes players to join Tempest Gaming Community. It is a great community who are all friendly mature players & offers a drama free place to meet other players. We are an active community of gamers & are involved in many different games. We already have a good group of Marvel Heroes players in our community, including some with the Ultimate Pack, and would like to add some new members from here to join in our supergroup Tempest GC.

Who we are looking for:

We are looking for friendly & mature players interested in having a good time working as a group & chatting about the game on our forums. We will be primarily working on PVE activities such as, teaming up for dailies & working through the story with multiple characters, but will also dabble in PVP just for fun.

This is a casual oriented group so you do not have to be amazing at the game to join us. We are in it to have fun & that is our primary objective.

What we offer:

*A friendly group of players to have fun with in Marvel Heroes and any other game we play.

*Weekly meetup events which are not mandatory, but used as a way to encourage members to get to know each other & group up .

*A weekly podcast that discusses news for the games we play, guild updates & tips.

*A site with a friendly active forum to talk about games you enjoy & receive game and guild updates.

*A Teamspeak server where you can hang out with members regardless of what game you are playing.

*Awards for the games that the community plays, including a Player of the Month Award & monthly console challenge awards.

*YouTube videos, Twitch TV broadcast & a Facebook page.

*A great community that you can build guilds in different games.

What is needed to join:

*Read the TGC Player Etiquette and agree to it.

*Apply to the community.

Our website is

Application is here: Apply to Organization

Our recruiting video is here.

Hope to see some of you there soon.



  • quist81quist81 chicago, ILPosts: 22Member
    Tempest GC is a fun, organized, and laid back mature community.   I have truly enjoyed my time here and everyone I have met.  Some great memories :)


  • LexlukerLexluker Lake Orion, MIPosts: 2Member
    We have a new recruiting video up. Come check it out here.
  • tonySTAX72tonySTAX72 Monterey, CAPosts: 19Member
    Happy 4th of July , enjoy the holiday and be safe. If you find some time for gaming and are wondering where is a good community to have some fun, come check us out at
  • ScriveanScrivean Fort Worth, TXPosts: 11Member
    Join us for Marvel Midnight this weekend (20 July) EST.
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