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Has anything changed?

RhevinRhevin Posts: 608Member Uncommon

Account started 11/24/04 and I played consistently until sometime last year. Got to Pandaria and got burnt out. I have about a dozen max leveled characters across five or six servers. I was a hardcore raider years ago and went a little more casual. Having maxed out characters, 5.5mil gold IIRC, maxed out professions, every BOA item, and I forget what my gear status was, but everything just got boring. All I remember is being tired of having to grind all the reps in Pandaland. There anything notable for me to return to? Or is it all the same dailies and waiting in queues? I wouldn't mind getting back into raiding and finding an end game guild. I'm just tired of Battlefield 3 and Guild Wars 2 at the moment. I'm not sure I'd reroll a new character on a new server, or just hop on an 85 (or is it 90?) character and try to remember what to do. 


But yea, have I missed anything lately to return to? Thanks for reading.

Two atoms walk out of a bar. The first exclaims, "Damn, I forgot my electrons." The other replies, "You sure?". The first explains, "Yea, I'm positive."


  • ShadoedShadoed BirminghamPosts: 1,456Member Uncommon

    Would probably be a good idea to check out the patch notes since you left as there have been some changes for better or worse depending on your lean i guess.

    Open world is becoming a little more interesting with more and more boss encounters coming up and the current changes to the Northern Barrens have been fun. Raiding is going to change quite a bit with the introduction of dynamic raids for ready made groups of any size between 10-25 people.

    Are you going to find the fundemental game much different though, well no, it is what it is so you will have to decide whether you have the hunger for it again given the changes that have been introduced.

    It must be Thursday, i never could get the hang of Thursdays.

  • RhevinRhevin Posts: 608Member Uncommon
    Welp, for $15 what the hell. Started it back up. Felt like I wanted to try a druid that way I could switch specs if I became bored. Come to find out I have an 85 tanking druid with raid gear that who knows how old it is. Started on a new server with no gold, no BOAs, and no other characters. I see myself become bored since I was spoiled with BOAs, but let's see what happens.

    Two atoms walk out of a bar. The first exclaims, "Damn, I forgot my electrons." The other replies, "You sure?". The first explains, "Yea, I'm positive."

  • expressoexpresso mePosts: 2,218Member Uncommon

    I am coming back when 5.4 hits having been out since maxing my main in Mists kist before 5.1 hit.

    I have to be around to kick Garrosh's ass and for once I am glad of the raidfinder cus I can experience the raid without needing to find a guild and I can do it on my own time, I finaly understand the raidfinder.

  • DrowNobleDrowNoble Trenton, MIPosts: 1,296Member

    I orignally quit for good back in 3.1 I was in a "don't feel like raiding" phase and 3.1 pretty much only added more raid content.

    Came back via a scroll last year a month before MoP came out.  Same friend who scrolled me bought a time card for me too.  Got MoP few days after it came out.

    My impressions from 3.1 to 5.0?  Disappointing.

    WoW is absurdly easy now.  I got to 81 in less than an hour in the month before MoP hit.  Switched to my 80 DK and hit 85 in 3 days, without playing several hours a day.  Classes are too homogenized, any tank class is pretty much just as good as any other.  Same with dps and heals.  Remember when epics were, gee I dunno, actually hard to acquire?  I personally also didn't like how my ret pally, who used to wade into melee and smash face (back in 3.1) now is simply not fun to play anymore.

    As for MoP....

    The ridiculous amount of phasing is killing grouping.  The same friend who scrolled me?  We can't group together in Panda Land since she is ahead of me in the quest lines.  So she either has to wait for me to catch up OR go on without me.  What's the point of a multiplayer game if Blizzard puts in something that blocks multiplayer?

    Needless to say I didn't renew when the time card ran out.  She quit couple weeks later.  Not too long ago I got an email from Blizzard offering me a free week to see "all the changes".  Well I did check it out, but since I don't have any 90's it was SSDD and I quit again the next day.

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