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Coin Locked

VoicekrackVoicekrack fort smith, ARPosts: 23Member Uncommon
I keep getting the coin lock message when i log into Rift. I put in the code from the email in it to disable it. But I want to see where my account has been logged in from. Does Rift have a way of me checking this? It bothers me that I can't find out at the moment.


  • Cliff1963Cliff1963 IJsselsteinPosts: 60Member Uncommon
    A dynamic IP-adress could be the problem. heard more people complaining about the coin lock when having a dynamic IP-adress. Whenever your IP-adress changes the game thinks you're starting the game from another computer.
  • HulluckHulluck lost in bfe, TNPosts: 796Member Uncommon
    Installing and / or playing for the first time after a really long break?
  • cibetkacibetka BelgradePosts: 7Member
    Yes its the dynamic IP. When your router is reset, it gets new IP adress, and game detects it as someone trying to access your account possibly from different computer/location, so they send you code by mail and if its you then you can confirm it. This is a way to protect you in case someone was actually hacking you. If you are not reseting router for few days, you will see that this messege wont appear.
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