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Is the game complete at 60 if you are not guilded?

TelilTelil telfordPosts: 282Member

Hi All.

Just wandering but after the release i am a bit dissapointed. This game has been so easy to reach max level there has been no point in grouping other than for dungeons.

Now the release is here i hear that you cant go any further unless you are in a guild? is this right or am i missing something and misunderstanding?

Seems a real bad move if this is true as the game has been directed at solo players until now. The games mechanics scream casual player but to be able to play the new pvp and pve area it says it is only accessable to guilds. if this is right then is there a reason to play anymore?

I mean that seriously as i am also still logged in to Everquest which has a far superior guild experience ( going of the gameplay i have experienced so far ) and if i want to go raiding and be forced to guild, then it seems a bad idea for a small casual and linear game like this to try to compete with established raiding games like EQ.

Appreciate any opinions on this.


  • VlackeVlacke BelgradePosts: 155Member Uncommon

    You cannot join Gauntlgrym unless you are in a guild, that is very much true, a somewhat weird decision in my honest opinion however it's not a problem really, this game is very solo friendly for the most part as is.

    You can make your own guild with like four random people you ran across to, in order to help each other out, everyone will generally say yes once asked politely, then align yourself in Gaunt and that's that, after that i don't think you even need to be in a guild any longer in order to participate in this content.

  • zwei2zwei2 SingaporePosts: 361Member
    At max level, other than Gaunt dungeon, everthing else is a fair game for solo gamers. The main stuff at level 60 is still the epic dungeons.

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