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Rift: Top Dimensions Tour 1&2

SilentstormSilentstorm Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1,125Member Uncommon

Shatterbone Dimensions Tour

Continuing the fun and Dimension love. I am back with 13 more dimensions all from the Shatterbone Shard. I'm noticing each shard has it's on style. I won't go as far as saying people are copying. But as I look through them all each server seems to influence it's populations imagination.


Video Tour 2

As promised this is the second installment. I said a few months back I'd do this again in a few months. I just wanted to give everyone time to make new great personal housing. And the new round of dimensions didn't let me down. Here's some of the names you can look up if you rather not watch the tour.

Old Town, Godlike Arena, Alchemist Guild, Low Hanging Glutes, Temple of Abandoned, Oracle, Sacred Grove, Isle of Dreams, City Apartment, Pirate Paradiso, and Sky Castle. I gave Kitisia the first three spots this time around she has three nicely done zones. So credit should be given there.


Video Tour

I thought it would be fun to showcase a bit housing in Rift. Housing in Rift is called Dimensions. Dimensions are exactly how it sounds. You get your own dimension of time and space to house. You can put together whatever you can come up with. With in reason of the games item resources made available to you.

You can buy and find items for your home. How you go about it is totally up to you. I took the time and liberty. To go through the top voted for Dimensions on the all time list. Now I'm not sure if that's for my server or for everyone. At the end I'll show you guys what I think is my favorite. Hope you enjoy the originality people used in their homes.

And give those creators a shout out and a vote.


  • SilentstormSilentstorm Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1,125Member Uncommon
    As promised to some people I did a second video. This time I showcased even more housing creators out there.
  • SilentstormSilentstorm Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1,125Member Uncommon
    Next stop on the player housing ride is the Shatterbone Server enjoy
  • ReklawReklaw Am.Posts: 6,495Member Uncommon

    Thanks for sharing.

    Only thing I miss about Dimensions is purpose. Sure it's purpose might be seen as merly creating your own place.

    But apart from that as far I know it's doesn't have any other purpose then to decorate it with bought or collected items and perhaps share your instance for other to have a look..

    Perhaps I am not familiar yet with it all but are you able to store what ever you want in your dimensions? Example have a weapon wall with your first weapons exposed, your first rare weapon or armor....and so on.

    Are you able to have craft equipement or even vaults in them?

    Just asking because as said I love housing, but it has to have more purpose then what I know it has right now..

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