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StarMade - Minecraft IN SPAAACE! (early alpha)

TheScavengerTheScavenger Matrix, NYPosts: 1,522Member Uncommon

Not many of these games like it. While it has the same style as Minecraft, you can design your own ships and travel through space (all seamless). I've been looking for a game like this ever since I played spore space. I love being able to travel to planets and travel on them and do stuff on them. Not many games let you do that. There is of course Shores of Hazeron, but that is a different topic...its an example.


Hopefully StarMade ends up being continually developed and not left on the way side or gets updated so little that my donation money feels like it was stolen (which has happened once already, but I won't name it, since it has nothing to do with the thread). And hopefully it actually ends up being good.

Official website:

First heard about it from the Yogscast:

And features (copy pasted from website)


StarMade is a minecraft inspired 3D sandbox space shooter.

  • Explore: Explore space generated in real time around you
  • Design: design you own ship or space station.
  • Customize: create customized weapons, harvesting elements, shields and docking stations for your ship. Combine elements to groups to make your modules even more powerful.
  • Multiplayer: full multi player: share control of your ship or design a ship together
  • Destroy: destroy your enemies with your powerful weapons or just infiltrate an enemy ship. There already is a big arsenal of destructive modules: Missiles (normal, heat seeking and target chasing), Lasers, and Explosive modules that detonate on impact
  • Salvage: salvage the ships of your fallen enemies to gain credits
  • Physics: fully integrated modern physics engine for real box-on-box collisions
  • Stealth: use radar jamming and cloaking modules for a surprise attack.
  • Multiplatform: runs on windows, mac and linux
  • Share: save, import & export your own ships as blueprints. You can upload your blueprints to any multi player server
  • AI: fight your own creations alone or in coop mode
  • Tutorial: interactive tutorial to learn the basics
There are probably better videos to get an idea of what the game is like, but you can check out the website and what not for yourself. Keep in mind, alpha is alpha.

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  • VolkonVolkon Sterling, VAPosts: 3,788Member Uncommon
    It may be alpha, but it's already a lot of fun. The potential is huge in this one.

    Oderint, dum metuant.

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