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Motivation to become Emperor of Cryodiil and the spectacle Elder Scrolls Online will become

KuanshuKuanshu Des Moines, IAPosts: 272Member

The collapse of the Second Empire has left a vacuum of power in the Imperial City, and three alliances battle for supremacy. Whoever controls the Ruby Throne will crown an Emperor, and their alliance will rule all of Tamriel.

Brings back the memory of watching Highlander and the fact that there can be only one and Kurgan smiling when he talks about it and "The Prize" ahhhhhhh :)

Just consider the the fact there is only one emperor and their alliance will rule all of Tameriel. Also, consider all of the bonuses and perks and recognition they will gain controlling Cryodiil and controlling the Ruby Throne.

Ya'll have no idea whatsoever as to whats coming and the glorious spectacle that will be displayed for all to see once a good number of elistist powergaming pvp guilds get their hands on this game and form an alliance together.




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