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AC2's next patch

SnarlingWolfSnarlingWolf Thereiam, ARPosts: 2,697Member

Some information has come out on the next patch for AC2 which Sev has suggested may come this month.

From NoWorries:

Thought it might be a nice time to add an update from my earlier post in this thread.

Things that have been adjusted for an upcoming patch:


  • The majority of quests have had their XP rewards increased (this goes for all level ranges). Some quests have also had their level ranges adjusted slightly as well.
  • Incursions have been standardized to once a day quests.
  • More Armoredillos and Green Wasps have been added to Arwic to help with completing the kill tasks there.
  • The Miller of Kehan now gives a recipe for a map and teleports the player near to the maps destination to give a more accurate intro to surveying.
  • The Esper Warder has had some dialog adjustments to make the steps of the quest more clear.
  • The Warder of Cragstone now gives both the Cragstone Excavation and Find the Warder Corporal quest at the same time. - With the Cragstone Excavation quest being a group challenge, we wanted to give players who couldn't get the quest finished guidance on where to continue their journey so they wouldn't hit a big roadblock on what to do next.
  • The Warder Corporal has been moved into Rithwic and now gives both the Isle of Tears and Find the Warder Scout quest at the same time.
  • The Warder Scout has been moved to Molwirth, along with the Drudge Fort, to give more exposure to another town.
  • The items for the Broth of Tanacha quest have been increased in frequency. The start of the quest has been moved to north of Rithwic so players are exposed to it at the same time they begin killing the creatures necessary to complete the quest.
  • Portals, and some NPCs, have been moved around in the Osteth towns to make the experience more intuitive and easier to navigate.
  • Pluck the Stray Darkenfowl has become Pluck the Darkenfowl and now starts at the Omishan drop spot. All Darkenfowl now count toward the kill task.
  • Cleanse the Burial Mound items drop more frequently.
  • Reaper Madness horns also drop more frequently.

On top of that we are continuing our efforts to improve the experience and flow of the existing content in the game.



So it sounds like questing will get a good boost to XP which it needs and that they are working on the game flow like they had said they would earlier in the same thread.

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