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[Media] General: Mount

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,955MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

In this bi-weekly comic, artist Blaz Klaric brings us his irreverent look into the foibles of the MMO worlds we love, and love to hate. Check out this week's installment, Mount!



  • BattlerockBattlerock Youngstown, OHPosts: 1,393Member Common
    I'm not a hardcore rper but I cant bring myself to ride around azeroth in a mechanohog as a druid, shaman, or hunter. If im on those alts that mount is a waste.
  • Po_ggPo_gg Twigwarren, WestfarthingPosts: 3,651Member Rare

    Dunno, I somewhat liked that ArcheAge video...


  • DauzqulDauzqul Detroit, MIPosts: 1,526Member Uncommon
    I'm just wondering what kind of mounts are in Scarlet Blade    ;)
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  • MondoA2JMondoA2J Henderson, NVPosts: 258Member
    In Scarlet Blade YOU are the mount! hahahahha

    MMORPG Gamers/Developers need a reality check!

  • BattlerockBattlerock Youngstown, OHPosts: 1,393Member Common
    ^^ Lol that's great
  • Po_ggPo_gg Twigwarren, WestfarthingPosts: 3,651Member Rare

    Actually Arkanas are mounting powerful yet gently humming and vibrating devices which at first a dude called Davidson put between their legs at level10... exactly what you're thinking, bikes :)

    (though not Harleys as the name Davidson suggesting)

  • ApocalypseSunriseApocalypseSunrise Paducah, KYPosts: 80Member
    In soviet Russia, car drives you!

    Yes, I've read a poem. Try not to faint.

  • OpapanaxOpapanax Rochester, NYPosts: 973Member
    Originally posted by Battlerock
    I'm not a hardcore rper but I cant bring myself to ride around azeroth in a mechanohog as a druid, shaman, or hunter. If im on those alts that mount is a waste.

    Yea, thinking of that in terms of RP must be cringe worthy to the more avid RP'ing communities out there. Although who know's I've been absent from the whole seen for so long that I'm sure things have evolved immeansley since the days of Ultima Online and my early EQ days.

    I find I still have time to bust out some RP in my online games. Age of Wushu was a fun game that drew me in a bit to RP in a light fashion again. More or less RP'ing has been dumbed down to the art of trolling in some ways, because there are some serious characters out there that wouldn't be so illustrated if put in a real life situation..

    I've always wanted to do one of those LARP things some time, but I would geek out so hard man. I don't think I need to travel down that dark a path. It seems like it would be a great time though.


    PM before you report at least or you could just block.

  • jbombardjbombard SapporoPosts: 580Member Uncommon
    I'm not into RP, at all.  However the mechanohog's just really broke immersion for me for some reason.  I was never really a big fun of guns, bombs, helicopters etc... etc... either.   Still not game breaking but meh.
  • bulnarbulnar Tavares, FLPosts: 3Member Uncommon
  • SiphaedSiphaed Everywhere!Posts: 1,013Member Uncommon
    Guild Wars 2 = 0 mounts.  Instead tiny long-eared gnomes from the earth -known as Asura- build fast traveling "waypoints" and "Gates" that allow for nearly instantaneous travel.  It works.

  • RubrubgrrRubrubgrr AustraliaPosts: 67Member Uncommon
    Love the strip great work, simple and bloody funny, but ya cars in high fantasy is a massive no no for mua. Asian flavors really do taste different but not always tastey IMHO :)
  • BetaguyBetaguy Halifax, NSPosts: 2,606Member Uncommon
    hehehe, nice comic. I lol'd.


  • MindTriggerMindTrigger La Quinta, CAPosts: 2,596Member
    I like this comic.. very funny! 

    A sure sign that you are in an old, dying paradigm/mindset, is when you are scared of new ideas and new technology. Don't feel bad. The world is moving on without you, and you are welcome to yell "Get Off My Lawn!" all you want while it happens. You cannot, however, stop an idea whose time has come.

  • GravargGravarg Harker Heights, TXPosts: 3,409Member Uncommon
    lol good one.  My favorite mount in any game is the Tarecgosa's Visage from WoW or the Vial of Sands.  They are cool on my druid, I can shapeshift into dragons weeeee :)
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