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Is there an RP server? (USA)

jinxxed0jinxxed0 Posts: 841Member Uncommon

I played GW2 during the beta and at launch for about a week or two and didn't really enjoy it. It was a pretty well made MMO except I felt it was extremely antisocial. With the automatic "teaming" system, no one felt the need to talk or form parties, so it became boring for me as playing solo isn't something I like in MMOs.I'd like to give it another chance because I'm stubborn and refuse to believe that I'm burnt out on MMOs after playing them for nearly a decade and a half.


But that's besides the point. So I'm hoping to join an RP server (whether official or unofficial) under the assumption that RPers are actually doing content together and not just soloing all the time. by any chance is there a server dedicated to players who want to team up? It's probably a long shot, but maybe with TES: Online having something like that, it could have inspired other MMOs to do that.


  • ScalplessScalpless SnowballvillePosts: 1,426Member Uncommon
    Tarnished Coast is the unofficial NA RP server.
  • fiontarfiontar Dana, MAPosts: 3,682Member Uncommon

    Yes to Tarnished Coast. It is the unofficial RP server (US). It is a very friendly server, with a number of RP guilds and we are also usually T2 in WvW, for those that care about that. I do NOT see very much RP on the server. What I have seen has almost always been members of a Guild RPing.

    I think with out an official RP tag, it's just impossible today to find a server in a new MMO where RPing is even somewhat common. Unfortunately, ANet was soured to the idea of RP servers by a former author for this site and what there was of an unofficial GW2 RP community a year prior to launch was divided over the idea of an official tag as well. When the RPers couldn't even unite to ask for an RP tag, that was the end of that.

    There was talk by the CMs from ANet that they were working on in game tools to facilitate RP, but none of that ever materialized.

    So, if you want RP, Tarnished Coast is the server you want, but you will need to join a good RP guild if you want to actually RP.

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