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Interview with actual real gameplay in background

McSireMcSire Toronto, ONPosts: 43Member

Interview with actual gameplay in the background, no cinematic stuff or anything like that, just some guy playing the demo on the computer.



  • IselinIselin Vancouver, BCPosts: 8,761Member Epic

    Nice find. IDK why they don't release more gameplay footage themselves. We would rather see that than the trailers anytime. But we have to rely on leaks or videos of monitors of people playing the game.

    This one shows the minimalist interface and the auto-hide skill bar and health, magika, endurance bars quite well.

  • keithiankeithian Los Angeles, CAPosts: 3,097Member Uncommon
    Its sad that we have to resort to a sneaky camera man to see any gameplay via an interview lol. Anyway, I think the artistry/graphics are right up my alley and def have improved drastically since that leaked video. The city they were running around in seemed just what I would expect of an elder scrolls game. needs a little more life. I'm not a fan of the green outlining when you select an NPC so I hope that goes away. I was hoping they would get rid of loading screens when entering buildings, so no such luck..though they did go fast. Anyway, good stuff.

    There Is Always Hope!

  • MyTabbycatMyTabbycat SP, MOPosts: 316Member Uncommon
    Nice video. From what Brian sort of says, it looks like ESO will not be free to play.
  • zaylinzaylin Olympia, WAPosts: 794Member Uncommon

    I think they guy playing the demo had to much caffine/ energy drinks,LOl his leg was going Off >.<

    But ya nice find was cool to see someone ingame checking things out, and gives a good idea of the game in a broad general manner :) IE like moving/walking/character animations& interactions. thanks for sharing :)

  • BidwoodBidwood Toronto, ONPosts: 554Member
    The action looks fast-paced and fun. What a relief after the 'soft lock' targeting scare.
  • immodiumimmodium ManchesterPosts: 2,164Member Rare
    Originally posted by zaylin
    I think they guy playing the demo had to much caffine/ energy drinks,LOl his leg was going Off >.<

    That was getting annoying. :)


    Good find OP. Not a great interview but the footage more than made up for it.

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