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E3: PS+ not required on PS4 for PS2 and DCUO

NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon

Sony revealed during its press conference that a PlayStation Plus account will be required for multiplayer gameplay on the PlayStation 4 earlier this week, but there’s some good news for DC Universe Online (DCUO) and PlanetSide 2 console players. Japanese site Game Watch recently spoke with Sony Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida about the specifics of the online requirement in relation to MMOGs being ported over to the platform. Yoshida confirmed that players will be able to enjoy DCUO and PlanetSide 2 without the PlayStation Plus subscription on the PlayStation 4.


  • ElRenmazuoElRenmazuo Alexandria, VAPosts: 5,361Member Rare
    This is not really a surprise to me since it makes sense because you wont be using playstation servers to play those games.  It was the same foe me when i played final fantasy 11 on 360 which did not require xbox live gold membership because the game used square servers.
  • BattlerockBattlerock Youngstown, OHPosts: 1,393Member Common
    Im going to buy into the ps+ anyhow if I even buy a console. This is nice for those that dont want to pay for it though. Here is the thing. Your someone that doesnt want to pay $3.25 a month but your going to play ps2 a f2p title.

    Its like this.... Hey man nice jersey you on the team?

    Answer: yeah.

    Question thats cool what position do you play?

    Answer: Oh I dont actually get on the field but I am at least present.
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