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Black Gold: New E3 Trailer Shows Off the Game

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,001MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Snail Games has taken the wraps off of its next MMO, Black Gold, during the 2013 E3 convention. A new trailer has been released to show off some of the steampunk aspects of the forthcoming game. In addition, a new website has debuted to keep players informed about Black Gold's development and more.

Check out the Black Gold site for more information.


  • pmilespmiles Federal Way, WAPosts: 383Member
    Looks like the love child between WoW and Mech Warrior Online...
  • ArskaaaArskaaa KauhajokiPosts: 1,034Member Uncommon

    Meh,steampunk/fantasy and elefants/ponys? wtf?

    That game dont make sense.

  • RecoreRecore Posts: 7,074Member Epic
  • AlomarAlomar Middle EarthPosts: 765Member Uncommon
    Wtf was
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    Retired PvP Raid Leader 
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  • RemyVorenderRemyVorender Riverside, RIPosts: 3,481Member Uncommon
    And by trying to appeal to everyone, they appeal to no one.

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  • shaddy33shaddy33 San Antonio, TXPosts: 85Member Uncommon
    Anyone else laugh their ass off at the scene when the elf with the bow and arrow goes against the mech? Just me?
  • DMKanoDMKano Gamercentral, AKPosts: 14,978Member Legendary

    I am not a fan of steampunk at all, but I can overlook it the rest of the game is tight. I am not seeing it here.

    I don't think they've heard a phrase don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

    For a flagship game I expected something awesome, AoW is much better than this IMO.


  • MondoA2JMondoA2J Henderson, NVPosts: 258Member

    Very underwhelming trailer to say the least.

    Didn't get me excited for this MMO and it looks kinda dull.

    MMORPG Gamers/Developers need a reality check!

  • redcappredcapp brook, NYPosts: 722Member

    Uhh.. too much steam?


    Plus it's snail games


    Probably will pass.

  • RhoklawRhoklaw Ft. Bliss, TXPosts: 4,699Member Rare
    When did Avatar 2 come out?

  • KhebelnKhebeln DoncasterPosts: 725Member Uncommon

    Is it just me or is this game looks really dated, and very similar visually to aion ?

    I might be spoiled but considering this game wont be out anytime soon,  by the time its out it will be looking pretty bad. After some of the sneak peek from E3 to what we can expect in the next 2 years this just looks sad.

    (Retired)- Anarchy Online/Ultima Online/DAoC/Horizonsz/EQ2/SWG/AC1&2/L2/SoR/WoW/TMO/Requiem/Atlantica Online/Manibogi/Rift+(SL)/Lol/Hon/SWTOR/Wakfu/Champions Online/GW/Lotr/CO/TcoS/Tabula Rasa/Meridian 59/Vanguard/Shadowbane/Fury/SotW/Dreamlords/HGL/RoM/DDO/FFXI/Aoc/Eve/Warhammer Online/Gw2/TSW/Tera/Defiance/STO/AoW/DE/Firefall/Darkfall/Neverwinter/PS2/ESO/FF14/Archeage/Gw2

  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,951Member Rare

    It seems to have sandbox elements. Territory control, building and such. 


    300km map. Steam punkers on one side, high fantasy on the other, as the genres collide.

  • AnthurAnthur StolbergPosts: 798Member Uncommon
    Reminds me of Aliens vs Cowboys. I guess when you run out of ideas you just randomly put together different genres. Never was a big fan of that.
  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,951Member Rare

    Well SanilGames doesn't seem to be short on ideas. They've produced the only original thing we've seen in 8 year. Why do you think you hear all the qq about Wushu not being explained well enough. 


    You could write the games of the past 8 years in martian and we would all know exactly what to do. No I think they chose to go this course. 


    I for one dislike steam punk, almost hate it. It seems I'd be a perfect fit for the other side.


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