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World of WarPlanes: Open Beta Takes Flight July 2nd

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,006MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Wargaming has announced that World of WarPlanes will hit open beta on July 2, 2013. The open beta will mark the introduction of several new features based on closed tester feedback. Players can expect to see in-game tips to help learn the virtual ropes of aerial combat and much more.

The open beta phase of World of Warplanes will also see the introduction of a number of new features, including in-game tactical tips to help pilots learn the ropes of aerial combat, the implementation of crews and crew skills, access to consumables and premium ammo, a brand-new tutorial, as well as two new in-game maps.

Find out more on the World of WarPlanes site.


  • TheocritusTheocritus Gary, INPosts: 5,004Member Rare
    After the success of WoT, I thought this game would really take off....That doesn't appear to be the case though.....
  • Hekate27Hekate27 LondonPosts: 47Member
    With WarThunder already out there giving the aerial combat experinece then WoWP was always going to face stiff competition.  And as I understand it WT plans to implement their tanks game  so that from the start it plays in and alongside the aircraft, if so WoT/WoWP will be in a position of playing catchup.

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