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The Q&A interview with Stieg

netboyznetboyz Carlsbad, CAPosts: 46Member

While I have to give Stieg credit because it definitely sounds like he understands the dynamics of an MMP (his description of basic 2 types of combat was right on), it does sound like he was dodging or unsure about answers to a number of the questions.

For example, when asked how scalable the combat system was, he replies, "It will be very scalable."  Then rambles on about something, as if we couldn't see right through his babble.  That response was more akin to 8 year olds saying, "My dad is better... nuh uh mine is!  No he isn't."  Lame!

Doesn't sound like their game has much place for group dynamics, especially in an action combat game.  How is a healer going to keep up with the pacing?  Are there even healers?  How is agro managed?  What about crowd control--seems out of place for a Roman Empire game.  It seems, from the interview, screen shots, and movies, that this is much more of a console game than an MMP.

I remain skeptical.  The fact that the developer has zero experience in this area doesn't help my confidence in G&H becoming a solid game.







  • godmonkeygodmonkey Simsbury, CTPosts: 27Member

    I geuss I never really noticed but I have to agree with you. Some of his answers were a little sketchy and rambeled on about a topic that didn't seem to fit with the question and i did start to get confused about what he was talking about. Also, I haven't seen anything about the grouping and crowd control or aggro management. P

    erhaps we shouldn't judge the game before they release more information. Maybe they just haven't planned the grouping and battles as much as everything else in the game and they haven't had experiance so it would seem they're unprepared. In the future when more of G&H is done maybe they'll tell us more about it. I'm not saying its impossible that the game will end up with poor group dynamics and inequality among classes, thats what testing and reporting bugs is for so they can improve but lets wait awhile before we decide to judge the game.

    And yes there is a Healer class.

  • JelloB2000JelloB2000 NAPosts: 1,848Member Common

    I tend to avoid interviews with pr-people & devs since its (almost) only for hyping the game. If something is different/missing ingame its becuase of game development didnt allow it within timeframe or technically not possible. (Everything sounds great on paper when it comes to mmorpg:s for some people).

    But still I rather see these inteviews than not, it keeps the game "alive" & fans need to whine/hype until game is released.

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