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Marvel Hereos Live Edition Review

SilentstormSilentstorm Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1,125Member Uncommon

Vid Review

A few months ago I did a review on the closed beta. Now here is my final look at this game in it's Live form. I must say this game is rather fun. It's a Super dose of the Marvel Universe slammed into a diablo like system. In all it keeps you entertained. Strict comic book fans will dislike some of the renditions. Such as the incredible wimpy spiderman voice actor. Team play however makes you forget about bad voice acting. As you take on various super baddies on your way to glory.

The Story has the usual and "predictable" plot turns. It does however make you want to see whats next. And get stronger so you can see it. While we are on that topic of strength. Be sure to take full advantage of the trade skills in this game. Hank Pym is you best friend. And he can make you insanely strong if you feed his store. Remember that it will make your life a lot easier in this game.


  • moosecatlolmoosecatlol Boring, TXPosts: 1,281Member Uncommon

    The problem I have with the end-game is you get to the point where you only use one or two abilities. For instance at level 30 I literally only use Thundering Tempest for everything that isn't a boss, and on a boss I would use Tempest+Crashing hail. I always find that every hero that you run into is using the same cookie cutter build as everyone else. That's not because of builds being over-powered, but more so that all the other skills just simply suck, and the only reason why you would put points into anything else is to buff up your main abilities.

    So essentially storm's play style revolves around activating tempest, and running around like an idiot pretending to play Touhou on easy. That to me is boring, so boring that I don't know if I can even bother to hit level 60. Currently I'm at 30 spamming dailies for less xp than gray mobs from mutate marsh, it's absolutely awful.


    In comparison for path of exile, you have everyone running around in the most tankiest gear possible, mainly because it is more rewarding. Which is also considered the easy mode of the game. Like in Marvel Heroes, the end game is extremely dull, but at least it's more random, something that is surprisingly lacking in Marvel Heroes. Neither game has any content that will sit you down on your ass, however the difference with Path of Exile is I always had the choice of making things interesting, while still having the option to still be successful. I had the option to run with 1hp/0shields, and surprisingly it was a lot of fun, it wasn't a situation where I was taking all my gear off, instead I simply stacked run speed and spell damage. However I only reached 67 with this Ironman witch.

    The deal breaker for me however when it comes multiplayer rpg games is the Co-Op factor. Co-Op in Path of Exile is only born for the necessity to increase the drop rate and mob difficulty, which in my opinion is a horrible Co-Op system. However in Marvel you have a better Co-Op system with the option of auto-grouping for non-endgame content, which for some reason doesn't function for endgame. Client sided loot to avoid ninja looting issues, as well as a smart loot system that attempts to generate more loot that is useful for your character. PoE is simply lacking in the Co-Op department, so much so I just don't even bother playing with other people.

    Overall I'd say neither game holds a candle to the god tier MedianXL.

    To those curious about trying it, I would say that the game was very much rushed, and because of it the game is about as optimized as Dead Island was at launch expect problems.


    As far as your video review, you should focus more on the game itself rather than gameplay commentary. Things like Scaling, Audio, Graphics, User Customization, Optimization, Endgame, Leveling process, Loot and Loot Variety, and maybe even a General Systems Overview.

  • MadamefateMadamefate Brooklyn, NYPosts: 171Member

    I think they should lower the shop cost on all the heroes. And offer more outfits I was really let down on the number.

    Iron man has like 10 looks booooo. Most of the female characters don't have much of anything worth buying yet. Like Jean Grey she had so many looks in comics. Is that really all they could come up with?

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