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Free server transfers now. Which pvp server is the most popular/populated?

mWo4lifemWo4life pePosts: 119Member

Tera has free server transfers till June 11.


Now I play lvl 54 priest on Mount Tyrannas (pvp). Wondering if it would be good idea to change to some other pvp server. Which one is most popular/populated? Or maybe all are mostly the same and no sense to change?


  • SwiftrevoirSwiftrevoir Posts: 158Member Uncommon

    I think Mount Tyrannus is probably your best bet as far as pvp servers go.  I'm surprised you're having a hard time finding people in a server that is near packed full.  I just came from VoT and the difference is staggering.  Then again if you started out on Mount Tyrannus perhaps it has just spoiled you. 

    Do tell if you find anything out though. 

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