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Tera Europes new Cash Shop Gamble Event

eHugeHug HamburgPosts: 253Member Uncommon

There's a new event on the european Tera servers. When you open strong boxes you will have a chance to get 1000 extensive alkahest. Please understand, that chances to get those 1000 alkahest are extremely low. Some people spent LOTS of money and got nothing.

I've been asking around and wasn't able to find a single person on my friendlist that got the 1000 alkahest reward. Here's a quick list of what the guys that bought the keys got:

This time we were compiling results from 3 users, that spent EUR 99 each. This is what they got:

user #1: 26 master work alkahest, other then that just useless scrolls

user #2: 102 refined alkahest, other then that just useless trash

user #3: 12 master work alkahest, 4 spellbind, other then that just useless trash

Edit #1: Another user I talked to, bought 500 keys. He got 20 Masterwork Alkahest total.

Edit #2: Another user from my friend list bought 213 keys and got 8 Masterwork Alkahest total.


So better don't buy anything for that event if you can't handle spending 100s of euros for absolutely nothing.


Original post:

Eat more fish!


  • InsaneDalekInsaneDalek Detroit, MIPosts: 119Member

    I'm far, far, far from the type of person who would normally advocate more government intervention & regulation, but I believe in the case of lockboxes and such that action most certainly is warranted. They should be held to the same standards as any other gambling establishment such as rules of fair play, applicable taxes, and age restrictions.

    I'm surprised they've gotten away with it this long, honestly. Probably because they argue it isn't technically gambling because no matter what, you get something for your money, even if the item is of inconsequential value. It's a flimsy argument at best, but it's the only one I can think of.


    It's a sad day indeed when a family is too afraid of reprisals to publicly thank somebody for saving their lives.

  • DamonVileDamonVile Vancouver, BCPosts: 4,818Member

    I don't really have an issue with games preying on the stupid. I do have an issue with games adding important items to it's end game only available through opening lock boxes.

    In tera you can still buy the spellbind and stuff from the AH but someone has to be the dumb one and open those boxes. It's really the only issue I have with Teras cash shop. Lockboxes make them a fortune but some of the things that only are available through them make it consumer unfriendly.


  • khartokhar3khartokhar3 HannoverPosts: 486Member Uncommon
    the publisher is gameforge. what did you expect?
  • EvgireonEvgireon New York, NYPosts: 71Member
    I received 3 keys from a supply crate that you get when you level so i opened 3 boxes. Got some junk and 10 extensive alkahest.

    Also I opened 3 anniversary gifts and got 3 fireworks lol. So after that I sold all the gifts and bought character and bank slots and a snowdrift(MEOW) when my char was around lvl 35.
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