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Avarice | NA | Progression Raiding | Dominion | PvP

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The Basics:

Faction: Dominion
Focus: Raiding
Raid Times: Sunday-Tuesday with optional Thursday, 6-9PM PST
Server: PvP
Region: North America

Definition of Avarice "excessive or insatiable desire for wealth or gain."

Who we are:

Avarice is a highly experienced gaming guild intent on being the best and most respected guild on our server. While our raiding schedule is lighter than that of the world first guilds, it is designed to make the most of our time and hit our goal of server firsts. At Avarice we feel strongly that a well-led, experienced guild can raid 3-4 times a week and clear current content pre-nerf and have it be a fun experience.

Avarice is comprised of a very dedicated group of individuals who are driven to complete content, and complete it first, but we recognize that real life responsibility always comes first. Our diverse raiding core comes from a multitude of game backgrounds from Anarchy Online to Rift and everything in between, we have battled for realm and world firsts across more than a decade of MMORPG's. Outside of raids you will find us always busy trying to edge out an advantage and participating in warplots, BGs or arenas. We strive to operate like a close group of friends and recognize that helping a fellow raider succeed helps the raid as a whole.

Avarice is currently seeking exceptional applicants with previous raid experience to join us for 40-man raiding in Wildstar. We are looking for like-minded and talented players who want to make the most of every hour of raiding we have.

Who you are:

Punctual: We require 75% raid attendance from our raiders, if you don't maintain this your loot priority will suffer. We have three mandatory raids a week, that means that every hour of our raiding time needs to count. We want dedicated players, fully prepared and ready to go at the raid and ready to zone in.

Mature: All members are required to be 18 or older. Also, we all like to joke around, but if you can't leave drama at the door or like to flip out because we wiped, we don't need you. There is a time and a place to voice concerns about the raid and throwing a fit in the middle of the raid on Mumble is neither.

Driven: We need people who want to be the best they can be at their class, we'll help you if we can, but you need to accept your mistakes and try to learn on your own too. If a class lead gives you advice don't get angry or hurt, take it in the spirit it was intended and try to improve.

Social: You are required to be in Mumble at all times during raids and be able to communicate. We also are looking for people who want to be on Mumble chatting with us outside of raids, as we are more than just a raiding guild. We like a sense of camaraderie in the guild and socializing helps that greatly, there will also be a lot of guild PvP going on so being on Mumble will keep you in the loop on that.

Thick Skinned: We aren't a hateful bunch but we do like to make fun of each other on occasion, all in good fun. If you can't take joking around and may get offended by this you probably won't last long in Avarice.

Interested in joining?

Head over to our website at and submit an application, it only takes a couple of minutes, if you have any further questions you can post them on our forum or you can PM me on our site.


  • Soylent25Soylent25 Sudbury, ONPosts: 7Member Uncommon

    Recruitment Haiku Time


    Looking to do raids?

    Want to progress before nerfs?

    Join Avarice now.

  • Soylent25Soylent25 Sudbury, ONPosts: 7Member Uncommon
    Still looking for a few good apps to round out our roster. If you like what you see in the OP and our website then drop off an app or PM me with any questions you have.
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