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Has PvP improved since launched

trillgodtrillgod Toronto, ONPosts: 52Member

hey all,

i pretty much played SW at launch but what killed the game for me was the felt like a zerg fest and some wepons and builds were clearly OP then others...have the PvP situation improved?


  • LummLumm amarillo, TXPosts: 132Member Uncommon
    No, pvp is still terrible. I'm fine with that though it shouldn't even belong in this game.
  • duggyfr3sh123duggyfr3sh123 oklahoma city, OKPosts: 95Member
    nope. not much has.
  • RohnRohn Saint Peters, MOPosts: 3,729Member Uncommon

    There have been some changes and improvements since launch, but I think they still need to work on it more.

    You can read about some of the changes:

    Hell hath no fury like an MMORPG player scorned.

  • Pekish79Pekish79 San Francisco, CAPosts: 91Member

    there has been some balance

    riposte nerfed quite a bit (60%) with everybody going AR and guts 'n glory... and now with #7 they are somehow touching multi-hit (AR suppress fire included) trying to see how to limit his effectiveness

    now that Riposte has been nerfed 60% of his previous damage (making it easier for everybody to just 111111 suppress fire) there is still people accusing glance tank to be OP there is people saying Healer cannot be killed and someone saying DPS is too high then saying dps is too low and healer are Gods right after saying healer cannot handle 1vs1 and get 1 shooted


    and is all true and the fact that is all true make it balanced!

    the true is that the game is about synergy



    if Glance-tanks is another Semi-God why i see no other glance tank then the usual bunch of names? Why all the new player seem to roll or healer or AR?


    The game need twicking some weapon truly are not very performant in generic PVP because very specific but the true is some weapon are more generic and adapt better to any circumstance other are by design made more specific and you cannot expect they perform exactly the same

    there are not class but there are role and some role are primary in PVP some are secondary so you cannot expect all weapon cover all role in the same exact way it would be boring then weapon would just be a skin on top of the same skill with different animatio


    TSW is quite balanced in my opinion but player have no idea how to play it and they all end up coping one built and it will never work because TSW (as said) is about synergy and 2 people with the same built sux together of course if you have 2 different built one will be more effective then the other in certain circumstance and u have to deal with the fact that he will do better then you but you are fundamental for him to do that good because without you he would not


    MMO player are very bad in that they only think about themselves they measure their damage and look how cool they are they have no clue what synergy are and if u do that big damage number or kill number... it is thanks to that person that did 1/10 of your damage but that have been debuffing and afflicting everybody.


    bah the game is fine if anything now way better then before (riposte was a bit exaggerated) but they are on top of thing and so far every change they done made things closer i think they are on the right way but people really have no clue how to play





  • OrtwigOrtwig Cambridge, MAPosts: 1,163Member Uncommon

    Some recent evaluation also going on in the forums:

    Seems folks are liking the changes for the most part, but still some ways to go on bugs and queues.

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