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LF RP Guild --> & New Game

BatCakezBatCakez None O''ya Business, CAPosts: 127Member

Hello everyone!


I've recently got a lot of time on my hands, and was wondering if you are in any particular RP guild that you would deem as great. I'd love to know what guild you are in and what it is about. Also, what game it takes place in. I'm not looking for anything that is World of Warcraft, as I've officially unsubscribed back in early February.


I'm currently playing Guild Wars 2, and have been guesting around on Tarnished Coast just a bit today. I'd be willing to try just about any game to RP in, and I'll leave a list at the bottom of games that I'd rather not participate in. I don't mind if the graphics are outdated either. I'm still huge on games like UO, but can never find a reason to go back, as there doesn't appear to be a population. I'm really interested to hear what anyone has to say, and would like to get in touch with some fellow role players to hopefully liven up my spare time a bit!

Games I'm NOT looking for:

- World of Warcraft

- Fallen Earth

- EVE (mainly because I've tried to play it, and it doesn't suit me to a T, unfortunately)


To note as well, is that I'm pretty open to the RP. Whether it's laid back, military oriented, village based, etc.  :)


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