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In Case you missed it, E3 Preview Coverage

keithiankeithian Los Angeles, CAMember Posts: 3,090 Uncommon

The link below includes links to articles and two videos, one from CVG showing first person and some environments.


There Is Always Hope!


  • baphametbaphamet omaha, NEMember Posts: 3,133 Uncommon

    thank you :)

  • tiarodtiarod Michigan, MIMember Posts: 4
    Oh... thanks for this I will check this on....
  • Punk999Punk999 Baytown, TXMember Posts: 882 Uncommon

    Awesome thanks OP.

    First person looks great!

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  • bubalubabubaluba LjubljanaMember Posts: 434
    Wau! First person finally! It is so amazing, my next big mmo.  Best what i saw in last few  years
  • keithiankeithian Los Angeles, CAMember Posts: 3,090 Uncommon
    You're welcome. I agree about first person for PVE. I tried 3rd person in Skyrim and I hated it. It doesn't feel as immersive. Though I prefer PVE I like to dabble in theme park like PVP since I suck in it and for that I guess I'll use 3rd person lol.

    There Is Always Hope!

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