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The High Guard EU guild/gaming communuity (EU/Exiles)

gevvgevv OdijkPosts: 1Member

The High Guard is A European Gaming Community that was founded in 2011 for the release of Star wars the old republic as a guild. We have been Around since Pre Launch of Swtor the Guilds Focus Shifted to becoming a gaming community which focuses on playing several games. The Games we Play Include Mech warrior online, League of Legends, World of Warcraft and Several Other Games.


We ask of our members that they stay active and remain social in the community by this we simply wish to have people contributing to forums, participating in the prime polls and competitions and above all That You Play with Us: D

We are operating across a number of Games and welcome members to join us in these games, so that we can bond as a Community, getting to know each other further.

Regardless of how hardcore some of us may be, we do not believe in pressuring our member to level up or gear up as soon as with other MMO’s is a game and should be enjoyed as such. Our goal is to provide a strong community of dedicated players who will enjoy the games content and tackle the challenges it will bring as a team.

We ask that all of our members remain active in the time running up to release so that we are able to socialise and get to know each other. By this we simply wish to have people contributing to forums, participating in the guild polls and competitions etc that we have active on our website. We are operating across a number of MMO’s and welcome members to join us in game, so that we can bond as a guild, getting to know each other further.

We are generally a mature guild, made up of mostly dedicated and hardcore MMO gamers, although we do not exclude the more casual player. We currently welcome all classes to apply to our guild as well as invitations for alliances.


Our Mission Statement


We will be united as one in every victory and failure. Together as one strong unit, The High Guard will support each other and strengthen ourselves through the trials and challenges that await us in game. We appreciate and reward any and all contributions made to the guild.


We will be pushing towards 40man raids as some of our core members remember wow 40's and are overly excited to get into the mayhem again.


if you have any question about us Talk to me here or visit our site at

Thank you for your time,




  • CionaraCionara CowdenbeathPosts: 9Member

    Hey guys, 

                     As one of the longest serving members of the High Guard and an officer, I can honestly say it has been a pleasure knowing all the guys and girls for the past 3 years. 


    We are a solid bunch of gamer's who are always there for one another, we took on new gamer's and seasoned ones for SW:ToR Launch gave them the benefit of our experinces in the MMO World and they all improved and felt part of the community, as we can all admit getting involved in a group of people whit vast experience can be daunting we all do our up most to involve everyone in the guild new and old. 


    All we ask of our members, is our member base is respect each other, have loyalty to one another and be willing to learn if you are new to the MMO scene.






  • GorfellGorfell SouthamptonPosts: 1Member
    I could say join us etc blah blah blah, instead ill just say our intelligence to stupidity ratio is at least 3:1. So we are worth joining just for the pleasure of not having to put up with stupidity.
  • Youngbull1980Youngbull1980 PortsmouthPosts: 2Member

    As the previous posters have said, The High Guard are not just a guild for anyone game but have expanded into a community which functions across many games.

    Like most of the other officers and core group I'm a veteran gamer of many years, and I can honestly say that this is one of the best communities/guilds I've been apart of over the years. The High Guard are a friendly and helpful bunch that will coach/train new players (to the game or gaming in general), and support each other in and out of our games.


    Member of The High Guard & MWO Officer

  • TurtlesrunTurtlesrun LondonPosts: 28Member

    Hi Guys im Turtlesrun I am the founder of The High Guard, I myself have been playing MMO's from Ultima online and even phantasy star online on the Dreamcast. I founded THG for the soul reason of meeting like minded people if your looking for a great bunch of guys & girls looking for a serious but fun gaming experience look no further we offer active gaming camaraderie and an all round gaming progression in what ever game were playing.  So lastly all I will say is at least give us a look if your a EU player we are a smaller guild, but we like it that way everyone knows everyone were family so join us for some great times hope to see u in games soon.



    High Guard GM

  • SoliySoliy United KingdomPosts: 1Member
    I joined the high guard well over 2 years ago and have never had a better gaming experience as well as play a good few games we have a good community of people who are committed to playing and learning games with each other i would highly recommend 
  • TurtlesrunTurtlesrun LondonPosts: 28Member
    Tonight is the first night of live DnD what an amazing thing to watch on our live stream fun to watch hopefully next time ill be involved
  • CionaraCionara CowdenbeathPosts: 9Member
    With the recent announcement on Twitter of Carbine recruiting for 40 man Raid bosses we are all incredibly excited about the prospect of our guild becoming a part of this incentive of Carbine's. We are still heavily recruiting, all roles withing the game and we would love to see some more applicants to our guild and have a blast in WildStar with you all ! 
  • CionaraCionara CowdenbeathPosts: 9Member
    Also we are looking to build some relationships with other smaller guild, with the aim of getting acceptance into the 40 man raid boss testing. If there are any smaller guilds out there ( 10-20 ) please contact either myself, Kahzoom or Turtlesrun via these forums and we can discuss in more detail.
  • DogTagDamoDogTagDamo PortsmouthPosts: 1Member


    Im Corban a Mech Warrior Game Officer within the guild 

    Iv Been part of this community pre SWTOR launch and we have had some great gaming experiances had great fun raiding in SWTOR had some good times in guild wars 2 but the game was missing raid content so we are going to be having some fun times on Rift as it is going free to play and am sure we will have some good laughs there waiting for WildStar it is a great gaming community they always make me laugh and anyone who comes to join us will be warmley welcomed and will have good times gaming with us :-)

  • TurtlesrunTurtlesrun LondonPosts: 28Member
    Due to the impending dram of being invited to test some 40 man content in WS we The High Guard are having free mumble weekend we as a community will be open to public for the first time this Saturday from 1pm-12am come get to know us have a laugh join u in games like LoL Mech Warrior Rift and others aswell just send a message to myself around your access to our server.
  • CionaraCionara CowdenbeathPosts: 9Member

    Hey guys,

                   Just a quick reminder of the Open Mumble night the High Guard will be having on Sat 8th June, for anyone who wants to come along and see what we are all about, or join in on our games for the evening please do check back on Sat as the details of the server will be made known.

  • TurtlesrunTurtlesrun LondonPosts: 28Member
    Hey People Turtlesrun again ok so here is a update we are still looking for people to develop our guild into a ready 40man group if your looking for a intresting place to game with great people look no further. And you know what if your unsure contact myself or any of the officers ON THIS THREAD and join us tomorrow from 1pm-12am for our Saturday open house on mumble we want to know you and you to know us so before you apply meet the guild .
  • TurtlesrunTurtlesrun LondonPosts: 28Member
    Watch live video from the_high_guard on THG hitting mech warrior if people wanna watch
  • CionaraCionara CowdenbeathPosts: 9Member

    Hey guys,

           The High Guard Open House on Mumble is now in effect, all who do come along please keep up basic voice comms etiquette and behave. 

    LABEL - The High Guard

    ADDRESS (I.P.) -

    PORT - 9912

    USERNAME - Pick your Name "what you will be know by". Avoid spaces or characters.

    PASSWORD - torthg

  • TurtlesrunTurtlesrun LondonPosts: 28Member
    Hey hey people 2 hours in met some good guys come a meet us and play hope to see more people coming in we are open mumble all evening come check us out
  • TurtlesrunTurtlesrun LondonPosts: 28Member
    playing some mech warrior atm join us guys remember mumble is open if you play join in
  • TurtlesrunTurtlesrun LondonPosts: 28Member the guys are playing D&D as we speak what a lol to watch
  • CionaraCionara CowdenbeathPosts: 9Member
    Hope to see more applicants, to join in on Stendar's D&D nights, always a lot of fun and there is always a devious plot going on in the background within our Party !! Come on guys watch our next D&D night on Sunday 16th June and see if we are the guild for you ! Awsome night again Stendar keep it up ! 
  • TurtlesrunTurtlesrun LondonPosts: 28Member
    HEY HEY people of MMORPG listen up The High Guard is sharpening its skills on Rift as its going free to play if you want to get to know us then check us out we are on ICEWATCH, playing Guardians the guild is called LOST PROHPETS. We welcome all people who are looking to do the same we even welcome you guys on our mumble so if you want to get in Shape for WildStar then shout us get involved
  • TurtlesrunTurtlesrun LondonPosts: 28Member
    Hey guys update ICEWATCH has been closed and turend into two new servers so we have decided to join Geldria so come check us out there ITS AWSOME were AWSOME AND YOU CAN B 2
  • CionaraCionara CowdenbeathPosts: 9Member

    Hey WildStar Community and prospective applicants ! 


    Well the High Guard will be starting up the old fave of Quiz Night on our Mumble Channel soon, which will be recorded and uploaded once the tally has been toted up so you can all enjoy in our hilarity and confusion and hopefully gain some insight to who it is we all are as individuals as well as a community !! Keep your eyes on this thread as all updates will be posted here first ! 




  • CionaraCionara CowdenbeathPosts: 9Member

    Hey WildStar Community,

                                       Just another quick update for you all the High Guard Quiz Night will be coming around soon, so please do stay tuned for the upload for you all to watch. But also we are now moving into the later levels of Rift and will be looking to set up some raids, if you are interested in us at all please do drop us an application and see how it turns out. 


    Hope to see some more applications soon.




  • CionaraCionara CowdenbeathPosts: 9Member
    The High Guard D&D Session is now running guys please go to to view the hilartiy
  • TurtlesrunTurtlesrun LondonPosts: 28Member
    just like to give a shout to our newest member


    welcome bud and hope to see you online soon

  • TurtlesrunTurtlesrun LondonPosts: 28Member were playing baulder gate 5 of us what a giggle
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