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What is your best FFXI memory?

OdysseykOdysseyk rocklin, CAPosts: 42Member Uncommon

What is you best FFXI memory?


Mine was Camping Leeping Lizzy and tagging her before the Japanese Botter/gold farmers.

Nerd at heart.


  • k11keeperk11keeper Posts: 1,048Member Uncommon
    Completing the CoP mission line with all of my good friends.
  • BahamutKaiserBahamutKaiser Hyattsville, MDPosts: 314Member Uncommon
    Mine was when the Japanese developers, came to an English speaking convention they acknowledged a player's idea was good, except it had been on the English forums for a year...

    Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes.
    That way, if they get angry, they'll be a mile away... and barefoot.

  • atenemaatenema Madison, WIPosts: 6Member

    As a Summoner / Red-mage attempting to get Shiva.

    In fact, I think that was the very first game I've ever bought a "Strategy guide" for... lol

  • MackeskimoMackeskimo Wakanda, LAPosts: 50Member

    A tie between...

    Saluting my first fellow Paladin after we got our AF completed together. And... 

    Obtaining and Summoning Fenrir when all the newblets were outside Bastok when it was still rare to have, Im thinking its a good bit before pre-20 fights also, but it was years ago so i'm kinda fuzzy on it.

  • Soki123Soki123 Kelowna, BCPosts: 2,164Member Rare
    My first run to Jeuno, from Bastok. Never done it before, had crappy gear, crappy weapons, only gear I remember was my subligar, god I hated that piece. I was running scared the whole way. Unfortunately games now aren t scary at all.
  • AxehiltAxehilt Posts: 10,504Member Rare

    At about the lifetime 30-minute mark when I decided the game's obtuse controls were too ridiculous to deal with long-term and  quit the game, never to play again.

    Sad, considering the Job system sounded great on paper.  I'd love to see that in a game with a more reasonable control scheme.

    "What is truly revealing is his implication that believing something to be true is the same as it being true. [continue]" -John Oliver

  • Soki123Soki123 Kelowna, BCPosts: 2,164Member Rare
    Originally posted by Axehilt
    At about the lifetime 30-minute mark when I decided the game's obtuse controls were too ridiculous to deal with long-term and  quit the game, never to play again. Sad, considering the Job system sounded great on paper.  I'd love to see that in a game with a more reasonable control scheme.

    My wife and I thought the same thing, and almost threw our keyboards out the window. We kept at it, and actually liked it better then most games controls. Thank god we did, that was a hell of a game for memories.

  • AnjeluosAnjeluos Milford, CTPosts: 11Member
    Mine was leveling in Yuhtungha Jungle ( or however you spell it ) and in Kazham after getting my keys. Just to watch Trains and trains of Goblins flying by chasing other party members and random people. I always found that just way too funny to watch as people passed by running with about 2-3 goblins chasing them.
  • FusionFusion VaasaPosts: 1,384Member Uncommon

    Getting a japanese player to help me get my ninja job with the ingame translator thingy :D

    The wiki's back at NA launch were VERY limited, so only the japanese players really had knowledge of the game

    (ordered mine from Canada, because there was no info on EU launch or if it would ever even happen) - now totally F2P no cash-shops or micro transactions at all.
  • HomituHomitu Hometown, HIPosts: 2,030Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Axehilt
    At about the lifetime 30-minute mark when I decided the game's obtuse controls were too ridiculous to deal with long-term and  quit the game, never to play again. Sad, considering the Job system sounded great on paper.  I'd love to see that in a game with a more reasonable control scheme.

    Assuming you can even log into the game after registering a FFXI account, a PlayOnline account, a Square-Enix account, as well as your individual character (which is mysteriously called an "option" on the website), chances are you're keyboard won't be configured properly and you won't be able to figure out how to move in game for at least an hour.  Because, you know, you naturally have to log out of the game completely, log out of PlayOnline, and into an external settings program to reconfigure settings that you can't even tell what they do because you're not in the game to compare one from another!

    FFXI's infrastructure was truly a marvel to behold.  

  • antilegitantilegit bronx, NYPosts: 20Member Common
    getting called at 3 am to go on a 10 hour mission with a 50 man japanese raid. then having your dad wake up and ask you, who called?
  • BaneInsaneBaneInsane Cleveland, OHPosts: 11Member

    waiting all day to get Ohat  with abunch of other folks. (i think thats what they called it. cant recall)


  • DakeruDakeru Posts: 2,803Member Rare

    You guys bring back memories. I do remember trying the Shiva fight countless times and when I finally won I had 3HP left ...

    CoP was awesome but I hated that some fights needed certain jobs to get through - that felt somewhat too forced.

    What I loved was farming Blue Mage spells. I mean back then when that job was still somewhat weak. It still felt great to gather more power by adapting skills from your enemies.

  • HomituHomitu Hometown, HIPosts: 2,030Member Uncommon

    As for my favorite memories, I somewhat fondly recall...

    Emerging on the other side of a Promyvion for the first time (I forget the name of the area now, where Tavnazia was.)

    The first Kirin kill.  Sky just had a sense of dire epicness to it.

    Completing my ranger AF. 

    Kiting Aquarius around the Boyada tree for a solid hour before I could get enough people from my LS to come help kill it for a Francisca. 

    Every cutscene that involved Lion. 

    Giving a complete stranger 10 million gil just before waving goodbye and logging off forever.

  • DzoneDzone bowling green, KYPosts: 371Member Uncommon

    Hmm so many fond memories of thie game, ita take a book to write ^^. But one of the worst thing that happend to me was, when my ZNMLS was doing a tier 4 fight against a tiger i think it was. We were fighting that thing for an hour, i was a whm, so i didn't really see what was going on... heh. Well my computer auto-restarts and couldn't relog into windows :(. Ended up taking over a month to get my computer fixed. By then i just got outa the habbit of login on and quit the game. Now i wish i hadn't.


    But i guss what a way to go during a tier 4 znm fight.


    Well i guss i'll put some of my fondest memories down,


    - Making that long trek across the tele-valz area, i think it was, the snowy area where you had to run east and north all the way up the map. There a was story mission up there. While running that with a full group, we had a high level that trained everything in the zone so none of us would get agrode.

    - There was a time we were doing a CoP where we were running up this mountain with a very nerrow path, and i got called to go into work :(

    - In the early days i actually got leaping lizzy, and sold the boots for 250k, then months later it was up to 800k. But that's how the prices really skyrocketed back then.

    - Helping lots of peaple through the first gate in garlige citiadal, while xping there. The train of bats at the stairs at the entrance that made everyone zone. The cracks in the floor peaple would fall down, heh i did that while pulling bats, kinda embarising, and funny.

    - Camping Simurgh for over a month with my guild, and as time went on, only 2 of us remaned, it started getting to late for the others to stay up for it. Well that and i guss they got burned out. We never did get the drop though :(.

    - Getting lost going from kazham to the camp spot in yhotor jungle... never did figure that place out.

    - Doing bcnm 40, i forget wich one it was, but it needed a bard we had to pay to help us. The bard would put all the mobs to sleep while the rest of the group would kill the main one, then each of the others one by one. I was the whm and my job was just to keep the bard alive, or we'de fail. I loved that bcnm more than any of them.

    - spending like 6 hours sitting by the choco guy in jeuno while getting my liscence

    As you can see i can go on and on... Wish a modern mmo would give me lots of memories like ffxi did.


  • simsalabim77simsalabim77 Somewhere, CAPosts: 1,466Member Rare
    Finally quitting and having a social life again. 
  • FlawSGIFlawSGI Woodstock, GAPosts: 1,379Member Uncommon

    Camping the NM for my O Kote for my favorite class Samurai. I refused to level him past 30 until I obtained that piece of gear and I refused to pay the gil sellers inflated prices. With all that pain one day came success and it was one of the best feelings I have over had in a game.


    Actually, I think I really enjoyed camping all the NM's due to the games class and gear system. It made the game about so much more than leveling. 

    RIP Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan and Paul Gray.

  • duuude007duuude007 MERIDIAN, IDPosts: 112Member
    Promyvion. Never seen such well designed dungeon content before or since.
  • GravargGravarg Harker Heights, TXPosts: 3,409Member Uncommon
    Mine is kind of a tie.  The first time I beat Absolute Virtue and the first time I beat Odin...such epics fights.  More games need fights like those two :D
  • AldersAlders Jack Burton'sPosts: 2,106Member Uncommon
    First run to Jeuno, without sneak or invis, was quite an ordeal.  Doing it at night was a big oops.
    Completing CoP and getting Sea access.  I hated those missions with a passion due to the class requirements and idiotic down leveling.
    Finally quitting.  The game required an unhealthy amount of hours and being on-call 24/7 to be competitive on ones server.


  • sumdumguy1sumdumguy1 A galaxy far far awayPosts: 1,063Member Uncommon
    Being crapped on by a chocobo
  • EggochiggoEggochiggo Naugatuck, CTPosts: 5Member

    Just found this thread and this game brings back some good memories, I'm in the Beta for FF14 and I was upset it wasn't more like this game.  Even though now I have a full time job I still miss the way FFXI laid the game out. 


    My best memory was back on Cerberus in KoN, we had King Behemoth, Nidhogg, and King Turtle (forgot his name) all due to pop around noon midweek.  We told everyone in the guild to be on because all 3 kings could spawn.  This was early on too, before sky existed.  

    Anyway I think we had 20 people on, pretty much 3 groups for experiencing and instead of deciding to pick one we sent 3 groups of 6 to each, the 2 extra I forgot, prob just added 7 to two groups.  Anyway, as the 3 hour windows would have it, King Behemoth popped first, that group tagged it and just had to kite it around for a couple hours, in the 2nd window Adamantoise popped and Fafnir, our turtle group was able to take him down with 6, that group then went to Fafnir to kill him, then after that both groups went to kill KB while it was being kites for 2-3 hours.  All in all, 20 people, top 3 NMs, we were quite satisfied we got all 3 pulls and all 3 kills.

  • zoodayzzoodayz Hoquiam, WAPosts: 6Member

    My best best FFXI memory was back in 2004 when I started playing.

    Back when in VD there were 200-600 people in the one zone when you would see peeople garding the gate to Selb.

    You would see Train to zone.

    My best FFXI memory was when you would leave one party and within 30 sec. you had another invite to join before your flag was back up again.

    My best FFXI memory was when you HAD to have good gear to live.

    My best FFXI memory was when we had a Drg in our party and hes dragon died so we all sat there in VD for 2 Hours waiting for him to get his dragon back as we all sat there with him like we were his counselor's talking to him and feeling sorry for him.


    But My very best FFXI Memory was when My girlfriend started to play the game with me.


    Long Live FFXI 






  • ElRenmazuoElRenmazuo Alexandria, VAPosts: 5,361Member Rare

    Making 2 millions gils after 2 weeks of none stop farming to buy the haubergeon and later trading that in for the hauberk

    Getting my first piece of AF2 armor for my dark knight in Dynamis raid

    Going to a lower level area to help someone instead accidentally making a train with too many mobs to handle even for me and end up killing several low level players at the entrance exit.  And even after that while the newbies were angry at me they still showed me respect because I was higher level. Of course i felt stupid but it was funny as hell.  I survived though lol

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