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too late?

lord_durathlord_durath herzlia pitouahPosts: 1Member

hello everyone. i stopped playing my first mmorpg a month ago (ac2) and now i want to try a different one but a lot of good ones only come out ina few months and i cant wait that long so i was wondering if it was still feasible to start playing daoc. i saw teh gold edition which is pretty cheap to get so voerall is this game still worth it now?


  • HairfootHairfoot DC, DCPosts: 21Member
    DAoC is still pretty fun, but make sure your on a popular server.  I'll be playing DAoC for a little while longer until Horizons comes out in Oct/Nov.

  • VindvalyaVindvalya New Haven, CTPosts: 115Member

    I would look at some of the MMORPGs coming out and see if you are interested in them.  There are cheaper ways to hold yourself over other then MMORPGs.  I am currently in a similar position in that I am waiting for a new game to play.  DAoC is a perfectly good game but there is something cool about playing a MMORPG when it first comes out. 

    Check out the bargain bin. you can usually find games in the 5 to $20 range that are pretty good. Check websites for reviews too. I still play Civ II and you can buy that game for around $10.

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