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evdaezevdaez nocityPosts: 127Member Uncommon

I saw all those bad boys with +12 masterworked weapon and i wanted to get myself a chance on it too. Burned like 50 Mes scroll in addition to 2500 g worth of IIS. Lol, in the end i didnt get myself a MW-ed weapon.. and had to buy more CES to reroll my weapon into its previous stat.

And i came to this realization, why should i bother myself MW-ing my stuff, is it even worth it, one MES fetches a price of 400g on my server and there are even Masterworked +9 weapon but it comes with a heavy price tag, 32 k g. Haven't even mentioned that in the event  i purchased that weapon, i still need to +12 it lol.

So to those experienced 60s, did u find your gameplay gimped without +12  and just using +9 on MC HM or arena-ing with conjunct +9? And how many MES and MWA did u guys burn to get a MW-ed weapon and +12.

*right now my ilvl is 156 and i felt like im hitting a wall ( full nexus/fraywind ) and i cant find myself getting lucky against this crazy rng


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