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How to make this game better

GrailerGrailer Posts: 892Member Uncommon

Been giving this game a go since its FTP .

And here is a list of things that might make this game more fun or at least less painful .


1.   Auto pick up gold  

I would go so far as just have it pick up everything automatically or have option to filter loot . 

2.  I don't want to see other players loot on ground .

3. Mount sounds terrible 

4. Fix the girl character so I can't see up her dress while she's running.


That's about it so far . Simple to fix maybe .



  • Deathgod881Deathgod881 Valparaiso, INPosts: 104Member Uncommon
    Really man? Fix it so you cant see up her skirt? It's called grow the hell up and get used to it or dont play it at all

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  • enik3enik3 Austin, TXPosts: 37Member
    First world MMO problems.
  • ErgoProxyDecayErgoProxyDecay a City, CAPosts: 1,430Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Grailer
      4. Fix the girl character so I can't see up her dress while she's running.    

      I would think usually guys who play girl toons would strip them naked and do unspeakable things with their hands.

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  • SheepingtonSheepington BristolPosts: 15Member

    A thing I like to point out is that, as many up-skirt shots there are, there is a male equivalent in the game somewhere! So in a strange way, for me, that makes it a bit more acceptable. XD

    In my opinion, the looting points that you brought up seem kinda petty in light of other factors such as the crafting system in the game. There are plenty of of other games that do not employ auto-loot (I guess it can save on picking up unwanted items?) and also I find that it's occasionally fun to ninja unwanted loot.

    And personally, I love my mount, including the slightly repetitive sound effects it has. XD


    But these are just my opinions. It was interesting to hear that the loot system bothers you. Do you like to do speed play-throughs? :0 I have a couple of friends that have the same opinion as you but they seem to be much more serious players than I. XD;

  • TrystikanTrystikan Tumwater, WAPosts: 6Member

    What I think would be a good "addition" is what other games out there do. When you accept a quest, the micromap (upper right-hand corner) will "point" you in the direction of the goal. (Usually with an arrow, as in WOW)

    The minimap (Lower right-hand corner) simply tells you where your quest end points are.

    When you hit the "M" and bring up the full map, you don't get much there either. 

    There are a few games out there, that when you pull up that map, you see where your intended quest targets are.

    Having a better idea of where you are going, rather than walking around blind for upwards of a half hour trying to find your quest targets gets old after awhile. (and possibly frustrating for some I would think)

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  • Panther2103Panther2103 Edmonds, WAPosts: 3,000Member Uncommon
    I've been playing this a lot recently and I like most of the changes to the actual game. The only thing I hope is that they end up stabilizing the engine a little more, which probably will not happen. I get a constant 70 fps outside of towns on the max setting, but if I go into any of the populated towns it drops to 30 fps, and I can set it to almost the lowest and see no increase in fps at all. Other than that the gear grind in end game is pretty crazy, but I knew that going in and actually have fun with it but I know a lot of people that want the enchanting system to be easier.
  • evdaezevdaez nocityPosts: 127Member Uncommon

    devs wouldn't prolly read this thread lol but well they should really do something bout the pvp gear grind, lets say i wanted to craft conjunct gear i would need 7 victor's orthoclase which cost a whopping 15400 bellicarium credits.  If you are in pvp guild that run premades daily, its easy to farm up those credits but what if you are one of those who just solo que? 

    You would get stomped repeatedly over and over by premades with waayy more better gear than you and theres no chance of fighting back and the points u get for losing is kinda punishing.. 40 points lol..And once u get these conjunct gear,you still need to +9 it.. masterwork it(expect lots of ET or LOT farming) and hopefully +12 it. Imagine the work ahead of you just to stay competitive... Hell i had a much more easier time farming pvp gears on wow...

    The damage in this game doesnt make sense, i have like 80k hp on my lancer and an archer crit me for like 48k... and i have full fraywind +9 with 4 x (5 less pvp damage zyrk )from players.. I haven't even mentioned sorc's fireblast... I mean seriously BHS? Stuns with no DR, and knockdowns upon knockdowns...  I have even seen occasions where i was cc-ed from 100-0... lol.. Hell even wow has trinkets but this game? 

    Anyways, right now im farming bgs just to get my rings and earrings for pve... Why the hell should i have to pvp just to get my pve stuff? And this bg rings has an ilvl which is higher than those pve jewelleries i bought from the broker.. lol

    I don't mean this to be a qq thread, i loved this game but pvp needs some working.. The work required just to be competitive is just too much... There are times when im tempted to log back to gw2 (spvp) or  wow(bg/arena) to get my pvp fix.  In addition, bhs really needs to separate pve and pvp.. If i wanted my pve gear, i could just pve and the same goes for pvp.


  • gab4moigab4moi West GosfordPosts: 14Member Common

    You can buy a pet now for a reasonable cost who will auto loot your drops by scampering around and grabbing them, and they are quite cute too (cues dragonette saying omnomnom when you feed it treats)... image

  • ArakaziArakazi OxfordPosts: 911Member Uncommon
    This game has one of the worse communities I've ever encountered in any MMO. It's full of kids that seemed to of just discovered sex. They drone on and on and on about their female characters and their obsession with the Elin. If it wasn't for that I would actually enjoy the game, kinda reminds me of the JRPG I used to play.
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