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Science Fiction MMORPG Concept.

DokanDokan Zorn, KYMember Posts: 2

Being a 15 year old who has nothing better to do then write down what I think, I have come up with this concept:

* A 2d Mmorpg based in a sci-fi world, In a solar system.

* There will be 7 planets, each controlled by a "faction" at the start of the game itself, except for one planet.

* The game will have little usage of npcs, Except for creatures and monsters which can be killed for supplies.

* The 7th planet will be "neutral" A trading hub of sorts, aswell as the planet where new players will start. Here, players will be approached by "Diplomats" from the factions, which also happen to be real players. To prevent factions from spamming players, new players can only talk to Diplomats who are present on the planet until they choose a faction. However, they are greeted with the option to go on a solo path.

* The factions will each have seperate motives and goals which can pertain to the players interest for what they would like to play as.

For example:

A faction could be religious, wanting to bring peace and spread the word of their god.

A faction could want to rule over the solar system, wanting to invade those who oppose them.

* Factions positions of power, at first, will be ran by administrators or GM's. Within the first 3 months, a leader willbe elected by the members of that faction based on those "campaigning" for leader. Other powerful positions in the faction will be determined base on the leader, for example, he could hold a vote, or choose them himself. Leaders will be regulated by GM'S, obviously, or this system would be horribly flawed.

* There will be asteroid fields, cosmos, rogue planets, and other things occuring throughout the solar system. Each of them will most likely be used for resource gathering, since more than likely one or more of the factions will be a mining faction, or a trade group.

* Players produce everything after the first 3 months, however, within the first 3 months, there will be npcs which give out gear to players to help them do this. The first 3 months is basically a time of peace and prosperity, where players learn how the mechanics work, and resources are put into the game.

* By producing everything, this can be somewhat literal. Miners collecting Iron, which will be refined into plating, and sent to a ship manufacturer is a example. Resources are regenerated once every 6 months, and can be found on asteroids, in cosmos, rogue planets, normal planets, and stray meteors. (At this point, the only npcs will be creatures to kill for supplies, Merchants should have markets setup across the solar system, and factions should be self sustaining to provide to their members.

* Combat is open, no hot bar, completely controlled by the player. It will not be to complicated, however, performing a left uppercut specifically, or dodging and shooting while dodging will be tough to grasp, but once mastered, it is a rewarding experience.

* There will be 3 profession trees, which I will try my best to explain. First, there are "Main Professions" which can be broken down into "Sub professions"  and sub professions are broken down to "Expanded Sub Professions" Main professions are very general, including:

- Artisan

- Scientist

- Engineer

- Survivalist

- Soldier

Those are just examples, the main professions are not set in stone, and to be determined.

Some sub professions could be:

Artisan-Weapon smith





Expanded sub professions could be:

Artisan-Weapon Smith- Rifles





Again, these are just general.

- I will edit and expand this as time goes on, I will use this thread as a way to document my ideas for this. I will answer any questions you have. And yes, this is a sandbox world.







  • DisdenaDisdena Troy, NYMember Posts: 1,093 Uncommon
    What's your rationale for having 6 factions? It seems like that would guarantee that the difference between the most powerful and least powerful factions will be enormous.

  • DokanDokan Zorn, KYMember Posts: 2

    Well, since 2 of the factions would most likely be non military EX: A manufacturing faction, and a mining faction. The other 4 factions would all have a fair chance, who knows, 3 of the 6 factions could have been for manufacturing and resource mining. It all depends on the decisions of the leader, or the votes of the players within that faction, which leaders are highly encouraged to take into account. Gaps probally will be created, but I have thought of a system.

    (Every faction begins with a fair start, and the population for each faction has to be within 2,000 of each other. So, if you wanted to join a highly populated faction, you would have to wait until the population rebalances between the factions.)

  • DisdenaDisdena Troy, NYMember Posts: 1,093 Uncommon

    That kind of fails to answer my question. If you have 2 factions, then each player on one faction views the opposite faction as their enemy (assuming that this is a game where the factions fight each other, otherwise I don't see what the factions are for in the first place). If you add a third faction, it creates a dynamic where two factions might not necessarily view each other as enemies if they both have to fight the third faction. In fact, the alliances might switch around as factions take turns being "in the lead".

    Adding a fourth faction (or more) doesn't change that dynamic, it only reduces the amount of control you have over the shifting balance of power, and makes the relationship among the factions harder to predict. It also makes it harder for the players to feel strongly about each other faction. If you want the power struggle to be out of your hands and hard to plan for, you should just allow player-made factions because that also greatly increases the players' sense that they are in control of what goes on in the game.

    Two factions - good.

    Three factions - good.

    Unlimited factions - good.

    For any other value, I'd need to see you really present a strong argument.

  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAMember Posts: 14,247 Rare

    15? Keep adding to it. Build on it. See how far you can take it.

    This guy created his first MMO when he was 15.


    Find a way to playtest your ideas. It doesn't have to even be in a game engine. Lots of game concepts are planned out and playtested on paper with random objects to represent the players, enemies, objects, locations, etc. If an aspect of your game is fun to play when it exists only in post-its, pen caps and dice, then you may just have something there. 


    Just scribbling it all on paper will get you nowhere. There are plenty of 30somethings here with a decade worth of notes on their dream game. You hafta gotta needta keep plugging away at it, and the only way to really tell if any of the ideas are truly sound is by creating them.

    In order of complexity most to least:

    • - a 3D game engine
    • - a 2D game engine
    • - Gamemaker, Platinum Sandbox or some other 'RAD' system
    • - dice, pads and random stuff from the junk drawer

    Pick a system and try to bring some aspect of your game to life. You'll probably be surprised at how much more progress you'll make in both refining your idea and bringing it to a reality.


    Good luck with your project!


    There isn't a "right" or "wrong" way to play, if you want to use a screwdriver to put nails into wood, have at it, simply don't complain when the guy next to you with the hammer is doing it much better and easier. - Allein
    "Graphics are often supplied by Engines that (some) MMORPG's are built in" - Spuffyre

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