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Best Starter Hero?

koalakkoalak Daly City, CAPosts: 75Member

Which is the Best Starter Hero?

I was gonna choose hawkeye but heard he's not so great? how about Thing? and is Daredevil any good?


  • arrasonlinearrasonline Charlotte, NCPosts: 1Member Common

    I think the word "best" is open to interpretation.

    For myself, I enjoyed playing Daredevil the most followed closely by the Scarlet Witch.

    Daredevil is a pure melee class, jumping (literally)  into and out of combat with great agility.  I found him a lot of fun and I intend to play him as my main.

    Scarlet Witch was a pure ranged character who brings a lot of debuffs along for the ride.  She is squishy, so don't get too close to anything if you want to live.  Played right, her debuffs will aid in big fights.

    I did not play the other starter heroes in open beta. 


  • miguksarammiguksaram Fort Meade, MDPosts: 827Member Uncommon
    While it is personal preference I'd argue the easiest starter character by FAR is Thing.  He might be a bit boring but he a powerhouse with defenses to match.  He also happens to be a leadership character which means one of his trees is devoted to auras which buff both you and fellow heroes. He has also managed to avoid the nerf bat thus far.
  • TokkenTokken Portland, ORPosts: 1,428Member Uncommon

    STORM. Love how she plays. Lightning and wind gales and flight....

    Thing, okay for a tank... but I don't usually play tanks. "It's clobbering time" if you like that sort of thing.

    Hawkeye was good. That's all.

    Scarlet Witch? it felt like her hex spells were moving in slow motion. Too slow paced for me.

    Daredevil, not so much. He bored me.

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  • LordbearLordbear Canmore, ABPosts: 6Member

    I played all 5, some more than others.  Most of the starters are a bit one dimensional, and none of them are exceptional ,but they are all fun depending on what you like to play.  I think it depends on what you would like to do more.

    Hawkeye : He is a decent damage at range character.  Pretty solid for your first pick if you like plinking away.

    Daredevil: Pure melee, and fast dodgy character.  takes a bit more skill to use.

    Thing: good tank/melee/support type.  Best used in groups.

    Scarlet witch: Another ranged character, with debuffs and area attacks.

    Storm: Probably the most varied powerset of the starters.  mostly ranged damage, with some neat effects.  The most 'superhero' of the bunch in my opinion.


    I haven't decided on who I will be picking myself.  I bought the Thor pack and will probably pick up rocket as well, but I have no idea who I want as my freebie.



  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,696Member Rare
    May be i will start with hawkeye ...
  • kiernkiern Madison Heights, MIPosts: 428Member Uncommon

    It all depends on your play style and what you like. They are all good, in their way, but they may not be fun for you, depending on how you like to play.

    My opinion on Hawkeye was that he was boring.  That is not likely a problem with his character, but with me. I have played archers in other ARPG's, and playing him felt like "been there, done that", and i just couldn't get into playing the character.  On the other hand, a lot of people really like him, and apparently he is much more powerful later in the game.


    I cannot elaborate on Storm or Thing, because I did not play them beyond chapter 1. Not because there was anything wrong with them, but there are so many characters, I could not give them all a lot of play time.


    Storm, as you would expect uses lightning and wind powers.


    Thing plays like a tank with high damage melee, and ground-pound type attacks with some support abilities.


    Daredevil is an acrobatic type melee character with leap attacks, combat rolls, stuns, etc. He also has a PBAoE attack, and he can throw his club. His play-style is kind of like a cross between Black Panther, and Captain America. 


    Scarlet Witch is a ranged magic based character with debuffs, stuns, fear, and AoE attacks.


    For my play styles, I liked DD and SW the best, but other people prefer other characters. It depends on what you like.


    I disagree with the comment that the starting characters are one dimensional. If you only play then for a short period of time, you only unlock a limited amount of powers, and you can't really judge them based on that.  People also tend to have a bias towards the more popular characters, but the starter characters have the same depth as the others, though a different character's play style may better suit you.





  • XarkoXarko Posts: 654Member Uncommon
    Daredevil is hardly a pure melee if one of his best moves is a stick throw ranged attack :P
  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,696Member Rare

    My issue is that i never want to play female character.

    So that only leaves Hawkeye, The Thing and DD for me. I don't like the Thing, so basically i am debating whether to start with Hawkeye or DD.


  • vyper21oovyper21oo oxnard, CAPosts: 48Member
    Hawkeye was the first hero I tried got him up to level 11, but I started finding him kinda boring to play with. I decided to try Black Widow and so far  she is pretty cool to play.  I'm  curious as to how Black Panther, Captain America and Jean Gray  play  because I have yet to see anyone playing them.

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  • GrahlGrahl San Diego, CAPosts: 23Member
    From a pure ease of play standpoint, I thought Thing was the easiest to play.  He's got innate health regen which makes him pretty hard to kill in the early levels, only need to worry about bosses really.  Hawkeye was easy also.  I didn't like Daredevil much, not that he's bad, I just liked others better.
  • TeiloTeilo LiverpoolPosts: 284Member
    Originally posted by nariusseldon
    My issue is that i never want to play female character. So that only leaves Hawkeye, The Thing and DD for me. I don't like the Thing, so basically i am debating whether to start with Hawkeye or DD.  

    How terribly...insecure of you! :p

    Seriously, Pixels do not have gender, it's all in your head: Storm is awesome (almost level 30);  I'm also starting to really like Thing (almost 20).

    I just couldn't get into Daredevil though, feels fiddly to me, I probably don't have the mad skills required...

  • StonesDKStonesDK SomewherePosts: 1,805Member

    Hawkeye is a great DPS on single targets past 24, but is painful to level since he lacks good AoE.

    'Thing' is a brawler and not a tank but can take a beating, plus has some great damage as well. It doesn't hurt his Aggressive Aura is awesome in groups, adding a ton of damage to everyone in the party

    Scarlet Witch has some really incredible powerful AoE attacks making her a fast leveler and a good farmer. People either love or hate having one in a group. Fast clearing vs all the effects cluttering the screen. You may even experience getting kicked a few times by people with crappy PCs since you most likely will make them lag a lot.

    Dare Devil- Haven't played him much but he almost made me uninstall as he was my first hero. Really an underpowered hero early on and NOT recommended as a starter hero.

    Storm- Haven't played her but people seem to like her for the same reasons as the Scarlet Witch. Also less likely to get kicked out of groups since she's not as "noisy" on-screen



    I would recommend Scarlet Witch or Thing as starter heroes. With Scarlet Witch max her circle of fire  (Combustion Hex) asap. It's an awesome spell



  • WodenbornWodenborn Boulder, COPosts: 2Member

    I don't think playing a female constitutes "cross-playing" in marvel anymore than playing Chung Li in Street Fighter does.

    On that note, Storm and Scarlet Witch are insanely good and insanely fun to play as well.   Scarlet's AOE spells force you to time and aim your abilities, which is way more fun than spamming projectiles, and Storm's tornados let you push enemies around, making her very survivable in mid or melee range, despite being a long-bomber.

    Daredevil is much more difficult to play, but you feel like a total badass when you master him, keep that in mind.

    I don't like Hawkeye or Thing, despite having some great stats, because pure melee and pure ranged characters are the least interesting in this game.  Using escapes, rushes, and other dexterity skills to avoid or maximize damage is the entire thrill of playing, and if you're locked into melee or standing a mile away, you don't even get to experience that.

    Fortunately, the huge number of for-pay characters are a mix of melee and range (Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Deadpool, Cyclops, Phoenix, Spider Man...), so there are a lot of cool, unique playstyles available if you want one of them.

  • George_LPGeorge_LP GreecePosts: 29Member Uncommon
    its about what you like to play i think :) but for me i choose storm
  • DamonVileDamonVile Vancouver, BCPosts: 4,818Member
    If you want to just mess around with the game play any of them it doesn't matter. If you want to go past lvl 30 ( the point where you just grind lvls in limbo ) don't play a melee.
  • TeiloTeilo LiverpoolPosts: 284Member
    Originally posted by StonesDK
    'Thing' is a brawler and not a tank 

    Well he can be played like that, but according to discussions I've read on the official forums, Thing is one of two tanks in the game (the other being Colossus). There's some debate over whether Hulk is a tank, as he can't take a real beating and doesn't have a taunt.

    I have more fun playing my Thing as a tank, jumping in and taunting, letting the squishies do the damage - I really wish when I was playing my Storm I could find more players who know what a tank is for though, most players seem to think all the characters are pure DPS.

  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,696Member Rare
    I have been playing DD for a while .. only to mid teens but he is ok after you get the range attack. The combat mechanics is pretty fun, and you can use hit & run tactics to bring down almost anything.
  • poweruopoweruo MallingPosts: 31Member Uncommon
    Been playing Storm to 26, Colossus to 12, wolverine to 12, Punisher to 13, Rocket Raccoon to 11 and a load of other to less than 7. Heres my conclussion: You cant judge a character on the first 15 levels of play. Call it a bad design flaw, call it what you want but the heroes in this game doesnt seem to come alive until after level 15-16(level may differ depending on the hero). Storm is a fantastic solo farmer taking out loads of mobs at the same time with ease. She is one of the easiest character to play as well of the starting heroes and doesnt seem to be hold back that much in the beginning as someone like hawkeye is. AoE is king in this game, even to some extend when fighting bosses. Take a look here, for some explanation and Hero details. Fare from all heroes but he does give a good overview of a few of the starter toons.
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