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Looking for a good mmorpg pvp

raf3xzraf3xz tlsePosts: 2Member

Hi every body :) ! i'm a casual player who is looking for a good MMORPG to spend good times in PvP ! I was thinking to this games but I don't have the time to taste all them :



-Scarlet Blade


-Age of wushu


-The secret world

-Phantasy star online 2

I just want a game with great pvp, no pay 2 win, for casual people and dynamic gameplay and pvp (not like Gw2 who spend 2 year to kill a guy in PVP) Thank you ! I'm so sorry for my bad english i'm a french guy !


  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Of them
    Neverwinter - don't bother for pvp, fun dungeons though.
    Aion - yeah has ok pvp, but its way to gear driven for a pvp game and has a terrible community
    Secret world - its a good pve mmo but its pvp is bad.
    Swtor - very subpar space wow, poor everything including pvp.
    Aow - I hear its good off people here who like pvp, like Mr bully.

    Rest not played.

    To be honest gw2 is probably better for pvp than all those you listed except aow.

    You might consider.
    Ps2 - its certainly fast paced
    Eve - although you say you want fast combat, every serious pvper should try eve
    Dfuw - which I hear mixed reviews of, but its certainly a pvp orientated game.
  • CefkaCefka Laval, QCPosts: 92Member

    I can't say for most of them but Neverwinter's PvP is pretty terrible at the moment if that's what you want don't even bother with it.


  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Thinking about it planetside 2 would probably fit you best.

    The entire game is like WvW in gw2 but with much bigger maps, fps mechanics, permenant sides, a bit more strategy and faster combat. It's also possible to play it casually.

    Main downsides are.
    Needs a good pc (but then so do some of the games you listed)
    There's no side things to do while not pvping, like crafting or what have you.
  • raf3xzraf3xz tlsePosts: 2Member
    Thanks all for answer :) ! Ps2 is not a mmorpg it's like a fps and i don't really like it, but i think i will try aow and darkfall :) if someone have other informations for tera, phantasy star online 2 and scarlet blade it will be a pleasur to listen to him, have a good night all
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