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MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze redfield, KSPosts: 141Member Common

Weatherstock 5,  LOTROs largest player run event is to be happening on the Landroval server  Saturday July 20th at 1pm eastern time (server time). 4 hours of music competition on top of Weathertop in the Lone Lands. Leading up to this mega event there will be impromptu bands, and large crowds at the Forsaken Inn in preparation for the walk to the summit which is itself rather epic!


This is the only event where lag is considered part of the ritual of attendance! Please turn off capes and hats and you MUST drop your graphics! If you make the trek to weathertop without crashing, your computer should handle the event.


Have you ever been in a crowd of over 500 for any event on any MMO? Then be a part of the 500 plus attending and groove to the 11 bands signed on to rock your virtual world! Free ale and pipeweed! Dont have a toon on Landroval? roll one just for this event! There will be escort services for low level toons! Mark yer calendars!


photo weatherstock_5th_annual_01_darkblue_600_zps1754bb89.jpg




Experience Weatherstock just once!

Brought to you by the Lonely Mountain Band! with support and prizes from Turbine.


  • MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze redfield, KSPosts: 141Member Common

    photo weatherstock_5th_annual_bands_600_zps5286e591.jpg

    This is truly a multinational representation! Listen to some unique music from different cultures.

  • MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze redfield, KSPosts: 141Member Common
    For those of you who might want to see one of the social aspects of the Lord of the Rings Online, this is a grand opportunity. Please check out You Tubes of Weatherstock. Hope to see you there!
  • MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze redfield, KSPosts: 141Member Common

    Ministock was yesterday June 15th. A dress rehearsal for Weatherstock. About 100 staff, band members. and spectators took the walk to the top of Weathertop for a primer of what to expect for the coming big event.

    photo ScreenShot00033_zps3e9a37e0.jpg


    photo ScreenShot00044_zpsdea47ea9.jpg


  • flizzerflizzer Manchester, NHPosts: 2,183Member Rare
    Omg! I remember the last time I attended this event I got drunk and fell off the cliff . So much fun!   I might have to fire up LOTRO again just to attend this event.  Glad to hear LOTRO still has a vibrant community!
  • DralonDralon Stillwater, OKPosts: 38Member
    This is a fantastic event. So sad I am going to be out of town for the event this year. Hoist an ale for me!


  • ReaperUkReaperUk Cambridgeshire, UKPosts: 701Member Uncommon
    500 people on top of Weathertop? Will they all fit? It's not that big after all.
  • MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze redfield, KSPosts: 141Member Common

    We fit em all in for the last 4 Weatherstocks! :) We would like to break our record of attendance and get 600 confirmed attendees this year. Turbine uses this event to stress test the server, so why not break the record!


    photo eae0b097-0984-42a8-93c7-35c4042e7b0f_zps847ceee5.jpg

  • Po_ggPo_gg Twigwarren, WestfarthingPosts: 3,660Member Rare

    Bal-rock t-shirt... epic.

    I love the idea and I used to post Weatherstock videos anywhere I go (last time I think in the in-game pop culture thread here on mmorpg) but I've never been there personally... timing is not entirely Eu compatible sadly. It's good that the performances are shared on youtube :)

    Actually when Turbine took over and the US servers became available to us I've made a toon in Landy just for the CSTM stroll and Weatherstock, but turned out it's usually around 1am-4am local time... As I see this year you bring the start ahead a bit (1pm EST) but I guess that's only when the gathering begins, the concerts will be again from 3pm EST probably.

    Anyway, I dunno yet how will my weekend looks on the 20th, so I can't promise / sign anything, but maybe I'll hop in for some free ale and music :)

  • MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze redfield, KSPosts: 141Member Common

    A clarification:

    The competition begins at 1pm eastern time or within 15 minutes of 1 pm due to crowd lag  entering the arena. Once the majority of the crowd settles in lag is no longer a great issue.

    Gathering at the Forsaken Inn has become an event itself over the years. Players may gather there as early as you like on that day. By the last hour leading up to the walk to Weathertop, there may be up to  2 hundred players socializing and swilling ale waiting for the command to "hit the road". Its all quite exciting.

    Since this musical event has now expanded to include German,French, and other visitors, we have moved up the whole enchilada to include a hoped for attendance for all Euro players.

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