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MMORPG Review of Vanguard 2013

AdamantineAdamantine NowherePosts: 3,877Member Uncommon

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Column: Revisiting Vanguard

I find this review near useless. Its just a huge wall of text, but I have no clue if the person in question even has played the game again. He doesnt mention anything specific and what he says about the game sounds very generic.

I dont remember any dungeon in the game that doesnt have quests. Scorpion-filled ? That sounds like the northern dungeon in the Temple of Dailuk area. But even that one IIRC has quests.

I dont feel there is a lack of highlevel content. Its more that as a european, one has a hard time finding a good guild for doing said content. Highlevel Vanguard is about raids, and there are MANY of those.

Vanguard would be in a much better shape if it had more players and thus more developers, but overall I dont mention bugs often and when I do, the customer service of SOE is extremely good - fast, friendly, competent.

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