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People that need a mmo home. Just a curious suggestion

SkullagrimSkullagrim Dayton, OHMember Posts: 88 Uncommon

I am am looking for something to play. At least until FFARR and TESO comes out. 

How about all of us vote on a game to play. Vote on a server and start fresh. Just a suggestion. :)


  • redcappredcapp brook, NYMember Posts: 722
    A great idea, but I honestly find the thought of this community *agreeing* on a game to play to be quite laughable.  Hehe.
  • WrenderWrender Conway, ARMember Posts: 1,386

    Might I suggest: Aion, Tera, The Secret World, or perhaps Eve Online.

    Mature player here and I have pretty much played them all and these are in my opinion of course, the best of the lot. Also Guild Wars 2 is worth a mention if your into casual, shallow gameplay but is polished and delivers a very nice gaming experience for what it is.

    Also Conan unchained has developed quite nicely and is way better than it was at launch.

  • dauntSilverdauntSilver Huntsville, ALMember Posts: 146
    Im up for whichever game you guys decide on. open world preferably, im not that into instanced games. Is there a place where gamers come together like this and pick a game to play? Id be interested in joining a gamer group..
  • RecoreRecore Member Posts: 6,510 Rare
    I am down as long as its not a quest hub themepark.
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    Dark And Light / Age Of Wushu 2 / Lineage Eternal / Lost Ark
    MU Legend / Moonlight Blade / Peria Chronicles / Revelation
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  • TredoTredo Springfield, MOMember Posts: 236 Uncommon


    Planet Explorers is the only thing I am playing right now!

  • flizzerflizzer Manchester, NHMember Posts: 2,080 Rare
    Since this site is filled with thoughtful and often long-term MMO players, I've always figured if we can agree on a game and be part of the same guild, we would have an amazing gaming experience. I remember this was tried with Vanguard a year or so back.  The guild was called After Hours, I believe. Anyway, I started Vanguard and it just didn't work for me.  So many glitches from a game already old. I got stuck in a rock the first day.  The community was terrific and helpful, but I couldnt overcome the lack of polish in the game.  I'm not certain we can agree on another game to play at this point, lol.  Some of the games mentioned as "best games out there", I actually find quite horrible.  If it matters, my vote is for GW2 or Neverwinter. 
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