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Dark Guilds - Random Questing based MMORPG

joonkp1976joonkp1976 seoulMember Posts: 93
  Dark Guilds : random questing based MMORPG.  In the realm of Darkon you are a survivor enlisting yourself in the dark guilds in their duties surviving yet another day.  Usual races and classes and class branching perhaps which I prefer over static classing, and random questing meaning the dark guilds' guildsmen give quests at random not at fix which will give players unique experience playing one or if not more characters, and I really like non level based equipment system thus so.  The last of which will be balanced in means of not over powering equipments meaning equipment system similar to that of Dungeons and Dragons.  Sounds nifty.  leave me your comments or flames, people and happy gaming, you all~!
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