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Upcoming MMORPG's and estimated release dates.

xKopogeroxxKopogerox ShebattPosts: 68Member

I know a lot of good MMORPG's coming this year and early 2014. I also know that we are already almost half way into 2013. The list of MMORPG's coming is HUGE. I've heard about a lot of interesting MMORPG's like:

Dragon Prophet

Black Desert

The Repopulation

FFXIV: Realm Reborn



Everquest Next

World of Darkness


Phantasy Star Online 2

Blade & Soul

Divergence Online

Shroud of the Avatar

I'm sure there are at least half more great, upcoming MMORPG's that I've missed. Since I have not spent any $ on a new MMORPG since DCUO came out, January 2011 I figured I'm willing to spend as much $ necessary to truly enjoy something for at least 2 years.

My options right now are either:

Go back to WOW, spend $ on a character transfer and enjoy all what it offers (raiding and PvP) or wait a bit longer and buy + play something that might be far better than WOW in the long run.

Another possible option would be to play 2 current MMORPG's that combined will cost me around equally to what WOW would charge monthly + all its future expansions.

Anyways, later on I'll add estimated dates and possible some info I know about some of the MMORPG's mentioned above. I hope the community knows something as well about the upcoming MMO's and their scheduled release.





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