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Atlas Gaming: Mindflayer - Recruiting

KalicozKalicoz PrestonPosts: 2Member


Atlas gaming: Mindflayer


Who we are

Atlas Gaming is an international gaming community designed specifically to provide a place for gamers of any kind to meet, socialize, compete and better themselves with people sharing the same interests. We have sponsors and professional teams, casual gamers and even hardcore gamers.

What We Offer:

- A community forum that is very active. Our members actively talk within the various gaming communities, as well as discussions of both present and future games.


- There are also forums for general chatter regarding technical issues, books, movies, music reviews... pretty much anything that comes to mind.


- A teamspeak3 server that can be used for raids, groups,pvp... or just to socialise and chillout. We do require you to log on to teamspeak at least once a week. (a mic is not required).


- A calendar system with weekly social and fun events for different divisions.(league of legends, SCII, Path of Exile, Runescape & WarZ)


- Support and resources inside of the gaming divisions. We take pride in helping our members out with whatever they need across our various gaming divisions.


- Information and Mentors. We have fantastic resources to help people learn the specifics of the game and become more skilled. We love passing on knowledge and helping each other out.


- Frequently scheduled events. Members in our division will consistently schedule raids and events, placing them on our in-house calendar, including dungeon runs and pvp groups.


Community page:

Shard: Mindflayer

Playstyle: PVE/PVP & Social

How to apply:


Log on to our site at: fill in an application and one of our officers will be with you as soon as possible or message one of us in game for more information.

Please remember to put your full IGN when applying as shown below:


Division Leader: Kalico@kalicoz

Division Leader: kitaru@xkitarux13

Senior Officer: kais@kaix42

Senior Officer: Aerohan@skiidouche


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  • saskakun23saskakun23 ozark, MOPosts: 1Member
    W00t dabumps!
  • KalicozKalicoz PrestonPosts: 2Member
    Hey guys loving the response and apps rolling in, its good to have ppl to play with!
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