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Dark Souls - characters choice

After been playing Demon's souls both as a Soldier and a and Royalty I finally got the Dark souls - prepare to die edition. Im just a bit unsure on what class I should pick.

In Demon's souls I like the Soldier as well all around character, both I just consider the Royalty a bit to easy due to soul arrow.

I have been thinking a little on playing a  Theif in Dark Souls or maybe just a plain good old Warrior

Is the Sorecerer just like the Magician/Royalty we saw in  Demon's souls?.

Please help me to pick a class


  • H3avyM3talH3avyM3tal HaifaPosts: 6Member Uncommon
    Whatever you want to be, start as a pyromancer. Will give you the most in terms of stats (starts at sl1).

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